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GOP 'Obamacare' repeal teeters after Senate shelves vote

28 June 2017

But Republicans, who could only afford to lose two votes and still pass the bill, had four defectors by midday with more senators on the fence. The decision was described by a Republican aide and another informed person who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the closed-door decision.

McConnell had originally planned to call a vote by the end of this week.

"As drafted, this bill will not ensure access to affordable health care in West Virginia, does not do enough to combat the opioid epidemic that is devastating my state, cuts traditional Medicaid too deeply, and harms rural health care providers", Capito's portion of the statement said.

Five GOP senators had said they would refuse to bring McConnell's bill to the Senate floor: Dean Heller of Nevada, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Susan Collins of ME and Mike Lee of Utah in saying they would refuse to bring the bill to the Senate floor.

Reprinted with permission of the Associated Press.

Lawmakers are expected to leave town by Friday for their July 4 holiday break, which runs all next week.

The #Obamacare Repeal bill is in danger of not being approved in the Senate after six #Republican senators said they will not support the #Legislation.

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Among Republicans, Trump wouldn't bear the brunt of the blame if Congress is unable to repeal and replace Obamacare.

"This will be great if we get it done, and if we don't get it done it's just going to be something that we're not going to like, and that's OK and I understand that very well", he told the senators, who surrounded him at tables arranged in a giant square in the East Room.

White House officials said if Republicans Sens.

"We're going to continue the discussions within our conference on the differences that we have that we're continuing to try to litigate".

President Donald Turmp meets with GOP senators Tuesday.

Republicans most strongly approved of completely repealing Obamacare, with 53% favoring that path.

The news of a delay came just one day after the non-partisan Congressional Budgetary Office said the bill would strip 22 million Americans of health insurance over the next 10 years.

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Now, you say, "Well, will you work with your Republican colleagues?"

"Well, I expect to have the support to get it done", Cornyn told ABC News. "Because that's exactly what the Senate GOP healthcare bill does: it restores Obamacare". Obamacare covers some 20 million Americans.

The lower House of Representatives passed legislation to do so last month.

An estimate that 22 million people would lose coverage-even if many are opting out with the elimination of the mandate-puts the Republicans on the defensive, along with estimates of premiums tripling for some older folks.

The CBO analysis of the Senate bill determined that premiums will drop for those who don't qualify for subsidies, but premiums will rise for individuals over the age of 50 who now qualify for subsidies.

Another poll, by Morning Consult/Politico, found that almost 20 percent of Republicans said the Senate bill went too far in changing the country's healthcare system while 31 percent said it did not go far enough.

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GOP 'Obamacare' repeal teeters after Senate shelves vote