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Dashcam Video of the Philando Castile Shooting Just Released

28 June 2017

The video shows Yanez pulling Castile over and approaching the vehicle and talking to the driver. The man, who had a permit to carry a gun, then tells the cop, "Sir, I have to tell you I do have a firearm on me".

At his trial, Yanez testified that he believed Castile was reaching for his weapon and that he did not want to shoot at him.

Yanez responds by repeatedly telling Castile "Don't reach for it then".

Days after officer #Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of the fatal shooting of #Philando Castile, the victim's #Family expressed that they may file a civil action suit against the officer who shot and killed their relative. Officer Yanez is then heard yelling profanity, as he directs his partner to get Castile's four-year-old daughter, whom was sitting in the backseat "out of here".

Millions of people had already seen the video of the shooting's immediate aftermath, which was famously filmed by Castile's girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, and streamed live on Facebook.

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Today's release of the dashcam footage highlights how police officer Jeronimo Yanez panicked when Castile, 32, correctly advised him that he was carrying a gun, which he was licensed to hold.

Officer Yanez calls for emergency services as he shouts "f***". Yanez shouts. Yanez then pulls his weapon and first seven shots. The video shows the brief interaction between Castile and police officer Jeronimo Yanez after Castile was pulled over.

"I don't know what more could have been done", said Castile family attorney Glenda Hatchett.

Many of you likely recall the livestream video that Castiles girlfriend had posted on Facebook immediately following the shooting. The almost 10-minute video shows Yanez rapidly firing seven shots into the vehicle of Castile, 32.

The jurors in the Yanez trial deliberated for five days, and at one point were deadlocked, before finally deciding that the Minnesota police officer was not guilty. "He was just staring straight ahead and I was gettin' fuckin' nervous and then I told him..."

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Tuesday, dash camera video shows the moments before, during and after the gunfire.

Castile continues to try to speak, but what he said can not be made out because Yanez is speaking over him.

But prosecutors insisted Yanez never saw the gun and say he overreacted to a non-threat.

A jury cleared Mr Yanez on Friday, sparking protests in the city of St Paul. Yanez's backup officer Joseph Kauser is seen standing on the passenger side of the vehicle.

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Dashcam Video of the Philando Castile Shooting Just Released