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Cornyn: 'We haven't finished our conversation' on health care overhaul

28 June 2017

Tell him America needs him to keep his promise: "Vote "yes" to repeal and replace Obamacare".

And he told the senators, "This will be great if we get it done. Wrong, I know the subject well & want victory for U.S".

He's been aiming at winning Senate passage this week, before a weeklong July 4 recess that leaders worry opponents will use to weaken support for the legislation.

A Republican rebellion forced the delay Tuesday of a Senate vote on the party's health care overhaul, an embarrassing setback for US President Donald Trump who was left scrambling to salvage the controversial plan.

Senator McConnell said the White House was anxious to help write legislation that could pass the Senate.

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As enough Republican senators lined up against the GOP health care bill Tuesday for leadership to postpone the vote, Louisiana's two USA senators remained noncommittal.

What McConnell should do - with Trump's backing and support - is reach across the aisle and issue a honest invitation to Democrats to participate in crafting a fix to the Affordable Care Act, which absolutely needs fixing.

The CBO analysis on Monday prompted Senator Susan Collins, a key moderate vote, to say she could not support moving forward on the bill as it was written.

Top Democrat Nancy Pelosi earlier warned that "hundreds of thousands" of Americans would die if congressional Republicans pass their healthcare legislation.

While the House of Representatives narrowly passed a measure last month to replace Obamacare, the Senate version stalled on Tuesday as a small but potentially crippling group of senators held out.

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Both the House and Senate proposals would end the requirement that Americans buy health insurance or pay a fine.

It would also eliminate 700 billion dollars worth of taxes over a decade, largely on wealthier people and medical companies - money that Mr Obama's law used to expand coverage.

The bill provides billions in tax cuts to insurance companies and the wealthy, while allowing states to drop several now mandated benefits, such as maternity care and hospital services. Vice President Mike Pence could provide the crucial vote needed to break a tie. "This is big stuff, and so making sure that we get it right is something that I have said is an imperative", Murkowski told CNN in an interview on Monday. Republicans now have a majority in the Senate, as they hold 52 seats.

Senate Republican leaders are scrambling to rescue their health care bill. However, not every GOP Senator is on board with the proposed healthcare bill. A change to Obamacare could be possible now. "The idea is to give people more choice, to have competition in the market". And if Obamacare doesn't fail, and most experts think it will continue to be at least moderately successful in the coming years, he can take retroactive credit for not dealing Americans a crippling blow to their surprisingly resilient healthcare law.

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Cornyn: 'We haven't finished our conversation' on health care overhaul