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'Arrogant' Trump sees U.S. image plummet worldwide

28 June 2017

President Donald Trump's approval ratings in the United States have been described as "historically low", and according to a new global survey published by Pew Research Center, he is not faring much better overseas. Only 22 percent of respondents expressed confidence that Trump will "do the right thing regarding world affairs", while Putin received a 27 percent confidence rating. This compares with 64 percent at the end of his predecessor Barack Obama's 8-year term in office.

When each country was asked which leader they had confidence in to "do the right thing regarding world affairs", only Israel and Russian Federation had more confidence in Trump than former US President Barack Obama.

The survey found widespread disapproval of some of Trump's major policies.

The scoreboard on Trump's characteristics: arrogant (75 percent), intolerant (65 percent), unsafe (62 percent), strong leader (55 percent), charismatic (39 percent), well qualified to be president (26 percent) and caring about ordinary people (23 percent).

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Some of the sharpest declines in trust in the U.S. president came among America's closest allies and neighbors. Trump's presidency also appears to have affected Canadians' views of the United States.

The poll, which looked at the attitudes of people in 37 countries, found a sharp decline in the level of trust that people have in President Trump's performance with regards to global policy. Domestic polls had registered a severe dip in Germans' trust of the U.S. as a partner months ago.

The countries with the lowest confidence in Mr Trump were Mexico, at 5 per cent and Spain at 7 per cent. Indians respondents exhibited an 18 percentage points drop in confidence in Trump's leadership. There were also some who see Trump as a strong leader.

Israel's favourability rating of the United States has held steady over the past several surveys, including 81 percent in 2015, 84 percent in 2014, and 83 percent in 2013.

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They include Trump's withdrawal from the nuclear weapon agreement with Iran, the Paris climate accord and major trade agreements, tighter restrictions on people entering the US from some Muslim-majority countries and the building of a wall along the US-Mexico border.

In 2017, 43 per cent of Canadians surveyed said they had a favourable view of the USA, while 51 per cent said they did not. He also disappointed European and other leaders by refusing to recommit to a landmark climate agreement that the US and other nations had agreed to in 2015. Not shockingly, men see the USA more favorably than women, with, for example, 58 percent of Australian men viewing the United States favorably versus 38 percent of Australian women.

The report adds that global favorability ratings for the us were also low during surveys during George W. Bush's presidency, and saw increases after Barack Obama took office.

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'Arrogant' Trump sees U.S. image plummet worldwide