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GOP senators voice concerns on eve of health care bill unveiling

22 June 2017

Much like in the House, where moderate and conservative lawmakers were deeply divided on health care policy leading up to a vote in May, Senate Republicans also have clashing ideological views and priorities.

The subsidies are expected to be linked to recipients' income in the Senate bill, a "major improvement" from a measure approved last month by the U.S. House of Representatives that tied them exclusively to age, Republican Senator Susan Collins of ME said.

The bill mostly aligns with a measure passed by the House last month, but ties federal subsidies for individuals based on their income rather than age - as the Affordable Care Act now does.

The bill largely mirrors the House measure that narrowly passed last month but with some significant changes. Some reports Wednesday said the bill would seek to repeal most of the taxes that pay for Obamacare, but senators had discussed keeping some of these at least for a while, such as a 3.8-percent net investment income tax on higher earners.

Thirteen GOP senators have been meeting behind closed doors - angering Democrats and even many fellow Republicans - as they try to amend the House's version of the health care reform bill.

President Trump campaigned on a promise to repeal Obamacare, the 2010 law that extended insurance coverage to millions of Americans through both subsidized private insurance and an expansion of Medicaid.

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Republican senators complained about their party's secretive health care bill Wednesday, a day before GOP leaders planned to finally release their plan for erasing much of President Barack Obama's health care law. "People across the country are suffering pain and the pain is getting worse as insurance companies are pulling out".

The Senate healthcare bill would roll back all taxes imposed under Obamacare, save the "Cadillac tax" on premium insurance plans. In fact, while the cuts will be rolled out a little slower, over time, they will be even greater than the House's version of the bill. Al Franken, D-Minn., about how they say the GOP health care bill could hurt rural Americans, at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, June 21, 2017. Enough have voiced concerns to make clear that McConnell and other leaders have work to do before passage is assured.

"This bill has nothing to do with health care", Sanders said in the statement.

"Let me tell you what I believe: today as we stand here, they don't have the votes yet", said Sen.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has promised a vote before the Senate leaves for its break over the July 4th holiday, leaving just nine days for the whole process to happen.

Addiction experts say congressional Republicans' proposal to significantly cut Medicaid funding under the American Health Care Act could exacerbate the nation's worsening opioid crisis.

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"I've been talking about a plan with heart". He had privately called the House legislation "mean", according to congressional sources.

When will Obamacare's Medicaid expansion be phased out? .

There was also an argument over Medicaid's growth rate going forward, with conservatives favouring lowering the growth rate in 2025.

Almost three-quarters of Americans feel that Senate Republicans should discuss their plans openly with the public, according to a new CBS News poll released Tuesday.

For the next two years, it would also provide money that insurers use to help lower out-of-pocket costs for millions of lower income people. "Special people", he said.

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