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GOP senators complain on eve of health care bill unveiling

22 June 2017

U.S. Senate Republicans are planning to unveil their draft of a new healthcare bill on Thursday, June 22, amid conflicts among members of the Senate over the future of the government's Medicaid program as well as the lowering of insurance costs. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., speaks about the health overhaul following a closed-door strategy session at the Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

Senate Democrats went all out Tuesday to derail the Republican health care replacement for Obamacare, saying GOP senators are keeping it secret because they are "ashamed" of it.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Republicans would forge ahead with the still-germinating proposal, and that a draft of the GOP bill would be released Thursday.

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"Republicans are shutting us and the American public out of this process", said Sen.

"Individuals impacted by opioid addiction, and everyone else who gained coverage under Medicaid expansion, will continue to receive care as long as they stay on the program", Pearce told the AP. "That's an issue", she said.

"For once, on the topic of health care, I find myself agreeing with the president", Schumer said on the Senate floor.

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Senate Republican Conference Chairman John Thune told reporters the office doesn't have the full Republican health care bill at this time, but does have access to several of its proposed policy changes.

McConnell's ability to line up votes is considered masterful, and he's eager to pass legislation fulfilling a keystone campaign promise of President Donald Trump and countless GOP congressional candidates. In the new poll, half of all voters said they oppose the House-passed Obamacare repeal bill, up from 37 percent at the end of April. A week ago, Trump called the version the House approved last month "mean". They fear McConnell will jam the legislation through the Senate with little debate, limiting their chance to scrutinize the bill and whip up opposition against it.

Besides Lee and Cruz, conservative Sen.

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A majority of the Republican resisters, known as the Freedom Caucus, say they will vote for the compromise bill even though they still think it spends too much. Senators are in touch with the CBO about "various options" as they shape a bill, but nothing is finalized, said Sen. She has opposed past conservative efforts to include language barring federal payments to Planned Parenthood, a group many Republicans abhor because it provides abortions.

GOP senators complain on eve of health care bill unveiling