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Dem loss in Georgia special election underscores challenges

22 June 2017

She had trouble recalling the last race where Republicans won a narrow special election contest before being reminded it was Montana.

The Georgia special election was the most expensive congressional race in USA history.

Democrat Jon Ossoff campaigned for Georgia's 6th congressional district House seat against Republican Karen Handel.

But it could give Republicans a boost in confidence as they struggle to advance health and tax legislation that has been bogged down by infighting and investigations into whether Trump's campaign colluded with Russian Federation in last year's presidential election. Now the White House is claiming a referendum on congressional Democrats.

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The fact that the bulk of the money was from people who could not vote for either candidate is due to the fact that while victory would not have had a significant impact on Democrat attempts to seize back control of Congress, where they are in a minority of 24 seats, it would have been seen as a major blow for Trump.

To note the significance, Handel also shared a story from the campaign trail of meeting a young girl who the Congresswoman-elect said had been following the race. "One of the disappointing things from the last couple days is that that approach has a little bit of punch to it, it still moves voters".

On Tuesday, Republicans also held onto the House seat in SC that was vacated in by Mick Mulvaney so he could become the White House budget director. But now, after a string of disappointments, those divisions have re-emerged, though Pelosi appears unlikely to face an immediate challenge.

"Democrats would do much better as a party if they got together with Republicans on Health Care, Tax Cuts, Security". Yes, this was Dr. Tom Price's district (now Trump's HHS Secretary), but if this was just about Trump, his low approval rating should have opened the door wide for a Democrat win - especially given that Trump only won the district by a narrow 1.5% margin a year ago. "And I'm not sure that that's there yet". "I certainly understand the attention from the press around the country". She drew cheers of support for this comment, and also riled up the crowd with another related to Republican efforts' to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Debbie Dingell of MI. He concluded this is a problem for Democrats not just in a handful of special elections, but nationally as well. It's the difference between Apple saying, "Android is an bad phone, don't you want to get rid of it?" and Apple putting out a new iPhone with better features that everyone wants to buy.

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Handel edged out her Democratic opponent, Jon Ossoff, in a much anticipated run-off election to replace Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.

And Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, the No. 2 House Democrat, remarked that "we had no business winning those districts" due to their GOP allegiance. A former secretary of state of Georgia and CEO and president of the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, Handel will be the first Georgia congressional representative who is a Republican woman. He added that 6th District Republicans united against a Democratic candidate many saw as a tool of his national party leaders.

"The president's numbers are in the thirties and our base is energized", she wrote.

Many rank-and-file Democrats were not having it.

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