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4 more Los Angeles youth police cadets arrested in scandal

21 June 2017

While driving around in the marked police vehicles, the cadets impersonated officers and pulled over at least one driver, though detectives haven't found any evidence they tried to issue any summonses, handcuffed the driver or used any force during the encounter, Beck said.

Beck says he doesn't care how much money the federal government threatens to withhold from Los Angeles.

"One-on-one interviews, where they will stress not only ethics but responsibilities of being a cadet", Beck said. They drove the three cars out of a police station parking lot, and the cadets had one of the vehicles for at least two weeks, the chief said.

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Beck ordered a thorough review of policies for managing inventory and has temporarily suspended the cadet program in two police divisions.

The vehicles were taken from 77th Street Division Station and the Central Division. Detectives want to figure out whether the vehicle was stolen once or repeatedly taken and returned without detection, which would raise even greater concerns about how the LAPD tracks its cars.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said the vehicles must be signed out with an automated system before leaving the department and it appears the teens "gamed" the system by using the credentials of a sergeant who was on vacation at the time.

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"Every day Los Angeles' police officer staffing crisis puts resident's safety at-risk and this extends to each patrol divisions' inadequate Kit Room security", according to a statement from the LAPPL.

A physical inventory and investigation into how the LAPD tracks its cars are both in place following the oversight that allowed for the thefts to occur.

An LAPD supervisor doing inventory discovered that a squad auto was missing from the 77th Street station on Wednesday, and the investigation quickly identified a female cadet caught on camera driving it off the lot, Beck said last week.

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One of the stolen cruisers after it'd crashed. A third auto had also been taken by the cadets, but it was quickly located near the 77th Street station, Beck said.

4 more Los Angeles youth police cadets arrested in scandal