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Trump Lawyer Sends Mixed Messages About Russia Probe, Mueller, Tweets

20 June 2017

Scarborough pointed out that Sekulow had twice said on Fox News that President Donald Trump was under investigation, and Trump admitted in a tweet that he was under investigation for obstruction of justice.

In a heated interview with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, Jay Sekulow, a member of President Donald Trump's personal legal team, repeatedly insisted that the president is not under investigation by the special counsel overseeing the federal Russian Federation probe, contradicting a Washington Post report and Trump's own tweet declaring that he is a subject of the inquiry. He said Trump's tweet was not a confirmation of the investigation, but instead a response to a report in The Washington Post. So I appreciate you trying to rephrase it, but I'm just being really direct with you, Chris. "So he's being investigated for taking the action the attorney general and deputy attorney general recommended him to take by the agency that recommended the determination". Kilmeade said. "You're his lawyer".

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Sekulow joined Trump's personal legal team, which includes Marc Kasowitz, Trump's go-to lawyer for years on both personal and business matters; Mark Bowe, who works with Kasowitz; and newly hired John Dowd, a well-known DC-based attorney.

On Fox News, on MSNBC, on CNN, and on CBS, Sekulow stumped for the Trump defense campaign, claiming that Trump was not under investigation and providing "constitutional legal theories" for Trump's behavior. "That is protected under the constitution".

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But so far, Sekulow's short tenure as Trump's personal defender on TV hasn't been so smooth.

"The weirdest moment is when he's caught, and he does a reset and says, 'I want to make this crystal clear, '" Scarborough added, "and whenever anyone says that, (they mean), 'I want to make this as muddy and confusing as possible'". "You're asking me to read people's minds". "You don't know whether he's under investigation or not".

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