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Dems fear slow walking of Russia sanctions bill in House

20 June 2017

The GRU is Russia's military intelligence agency.

But the second tenet, aimed at cybersecurity and cyber-espionage, seems particularly odd given not only the investigations surrounding President Donald Trump and his former campaign but also the conclusion reached by the US intelligence community that Russian Federation intentionally meddled in last year's election in order to ascend Trump's candidacy. In a 100-member Senate, 97 were for the legislation, two Republicans opposed it, while one Democrat abstained.

"This move may lead to the isolation of the USA in the global arena".

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The bill, which awaits an uncertain future in the House, imposes mandatory sanctions on people involved with Iran's ballistic missile program and those who do business with them.

Scott Bennett, a former US Army psychological warfare officer based in San Francisco, told Press TV on Sunday that the Trump administration had to block new sanctions against Russian Federation and Iran to keep hopes alive for future cooperation. Gabriel and Kern also accused the US of having ulterior motives in seeking to enforce the energy blockade, which they said is trying to help American natural gas suppliers at the expense of their Russian rivals.

The United States in the past has cautioned its European allies against building the Nord Stream 2 project, saying it would increase European dependence on Russian energy supplies, but it hasn't previously attempted to interfere with plans to move the project forward. The United States recently started shipping liquefied natural gas to Poland and has ambitions to cultivate other European customers. While the leaders said that it was important for Europe and the U.S. to form a united front on the issue of Ukraine, "we can't accept the threat of illegal and extraterritorial sanctions against European companies".

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US President Donald Trump should veto the new Congressional sanctions against Russian Federation and prevent the lawmakers from creating a "boogeyman" out of Moscow, says an American analyst.

Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., introduced the bill, which now must pass in the House of Representatives and be signed by President Donald Trump before being enacted.

Despite the fact that the Trump administration supports sanctions against Russian Federation, they are concerned that the new bill will tie their hands in rebuilding ties with Moscow, Politico reported, citing a senior administrational official.

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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has offered only lukewarm support for the bill.