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Xbox One X Formally Unveiled, Coming This Fall

19 June 2017

Guardians was one of the most anticipated Xbox One game but it launched with a dynamic resolution that had a upper limit of 1080p.

For those that haven't heard, the One X is the long rumored "Project Scorpio" and what Microsoft is touting as the world's most powerful console. In comparison, there are more than 385 games of Xbox 360 that can be played on Xbox One, so even though there might not be an extensive collection to choose from it is still an interesting concept one which will bring back nostalgia in heaps. It's also worth remembering that the download size is typically smaller than the installed game size, so don't just leave 100GB free for Forza 7.

Microsoft's Xbox One X console was one of the biggest talking points around E3 this year.

Microsoft is pretty certain there's a good market for its new Xbox One X game machine, despite its high price point.

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"We're gonna sell more Xbox One S consoles next year than we will Xbox One X", said Spencer.

With all the hype surrounding the new Xbox One X console and its $500 price tag, people would be forgiven to think that Microsoft would be making a killing off of the product. Even if you don't have a 4K television, the console will use a technique called supersampling to enhance the clarity and color of whatever it's showing. The trick to understanding the Xbox One X is to wrap your head around the fact that it's part of a lineup.

By looking at Sony's history of console launches, we think that the PS5 will be released before 2020.

The Xbox boss exemplified the Elite Control for Xbox One that debuted a year ago.

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The power of the Xbox One X allows Super Lucky's Tale to run at 4K/60FPS, which Bettner told us is a big deal for platformers.

Only those who prefer premium gaming experience will go for the One X it seems. "I don't think that's the way consoles are going to go".

The Xbox One X is the most powerful video game console ever made while Xbox One S still has a great value that's now available with a drop down price in the market. And those who have 4K TV set and a powerful PC, why would they want to invest in something like Microsoft's new console?

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