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Wife of Virginia shooter James Hodgkinson: 'I'm sorry that he did this'

19 June 2017

US lawmakers returned to regular business on Thursday and prepared to play their annual charity baseball game, one day after a man who had expressed anger toward President Donald Trump opened fire on Republican legislators, leaving a senior congressman in critical condition.

According to police reports, James T. Hodgkinson, 66, from Belleville, Illinois, started shooting at the Republican baseball practice in Virginia, on Wednesday. He was one of five people wounded Wednesday in an attack on a Republican team practice in Virginia.

Mr Scalise, the House Majority Whip, remains in a critical condition in hospital. She said she thought her husband, James Hodgkinson, had gone to the Washington area to work on tax policy.

Back in IL at least one friend of Hodgkinson - who didn't give his full name - defended him, saying, "I just want to let people know he wasn't evil, that he was exhausted of some of the politics going on".

"I can't believe he did this", she said, visibly upset.

But she maintained there was nothing she could have done about it.

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He allegedly dragged his 16-year-old foster daughter by the hair and beat her, before punching her female friend in the face and hitting a boy in the head with his shotgun, court documents show.

"It's very sad to see that it put a negative light on our community because we have such a great community", Wamble says.

YMCA regular Kris Balderston said he saw Hodgkinson at the gym most mornings.

"I yelled, 'Quit shooting toward the houses, '" Schaumleffel said.

He left her in March, headed to Washington, D.C.

She explained, her husband sold his southern IL home inspection business months ago.

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When Hodgkinson refused to stop, Schaumleffel called the sheriff's department.

So according to Sanders, when a insane person goes out and shoots Republicans, it's no one's fault but the shooter's.

The widow of gunman James Hodgkinson today described his attack as 'horrible, horrible'.

Richard Wagner, chief deputy of the St. Clair County sheriff's office, said afterward that Hodgkinson was told about the shooting by a journalist and has been with the Federal Bureau of Investigation since the shooting. She also said she didn't know exactly who was shot on Wednesday, but she is sorry that he did this.

"I just wish this would all go away".

We may never know what led him to live a vagabond's life in Del Ray, but I suspect it wasn't the custard at The Dairy Godmother.

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Wife of Virginia shooter James Hodgkinson: 'I'm sorry that he did this'