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Ward retains titles with TKO win

19 June 2017

Wow, right on Max! He punched me with low blows. Ward, who earlier in the round connected a low blow that the referee has not seen, followed it up with a barrage of punches that drove Kovalev to the ropes.

Kovalev starts off with a big flurry of short body punches.

He said he has been working with a Russian Olympic biathlon coach. But Ward has smart defensive skills and should be able to avoid Kovalev's punishing left hooks.

It's what Andre Ward had meant to do when the contract was signed for the light heavyweight title rematch with Sergey Kovalev, who many thought won their first fight last November.

"It felt like I was up [on the scorecards], but a championship fight starts after the sixth round". I see things with him in particular and he's the best. "He was trying to cover up his body".

I am being criticised a lot unjustly.

Kovalev doesn't need to look to others for help like LeBron James did against Golden State. I could have still been fighting. "That one's probably borderline - he was hurt, I went right back there again, he wasn't reacting, right back there again and the referee stopped it". Why did Tony Weeks stop the fight?

Andre Ward: "I think it was plain to see that I broke him mentally and physically". "I was winning the round, and he waited for after the bell to throw a punch when I dropped my hands down". I knew tonight was going to be different.

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Foul's ended two fights while the Nevada commission allowed this to happen on the PPV event.

This was an event dripping in bad blood. Both fighters had their moments. Ward swings a hard left that grazes Kovalev.

But on Saturday night, Ward was actually a better fighter that he had even been before - and even before, he was pretty good.

That raw deal ensured a spiky prelude and most expected Kovalev to come out with bad intentions.

Bennett said on HBO the outcome could be revisited, and if it turns out the punch was delivered after the bell, the result could even be changed to a Rigondeaux disqualification.

Andre Ward landed a clean counter right hand to the chin of Kovalev which had the boxer nicknamed "Krusher" visibly shaken.

Ward (32-0, 16 KOs) vowed he would leave no doubt this time around and he didn't, stopping Kovalev in the eighth round to win their eagerly anticipated title rematch. He shook off Kovalev's left hand and began establishing his own, and then found enough alleyways for his right hand. Tony Weeks did a good job.

The reality is that it didn't need one. That doesn't mean, however, that this victory was without controversy.

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Mr. Ward continues to respond with the class he has always shown both inside and outside the ring.

He added: 'If there's question marks after this, that ain't got nothing to do with me'. "First of all, obviously, that is absolutely in the contract, number one".

But that changed Saturday night. Until then, he's going to soak in his accomplishments. The Star-Ledger had Kovalev ahead by point after seven.

Bivol is now 11-0 with nine knockouts and is already ranked No1 by the WBA. Ward hopes he made his case this time.

I don't like the idea that Floyd Mayweather Jr. He didn't like him before he lost a split decision to him in 2007, and their relationship has soured ever since. Then came the confirmation Wednesday that Floyd Mayweather will indeed meet Conor McGregor on August 26.

Showtime will televise on its pay-per-view arm.

Marco Antonio Barrera was welcomed into the International Boxing Hall of Fame last week with a hug and a handshake from his greatest rival, Erik Morales. If this were a movie, they would have named it "The Exorcist" - not for the victor, not for the loser, but an exorcism for the most maligned weight class in the history of professional boxing.

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