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One year later: thousands gather to honor Pulse victims

19 June 2017

It's been a year since that frightful night, but among the several dozen people gathered, holding candles outside Badlands Nightclub in Midtown Sacramento, the emotional wounds are still very raw.

Hundreds of people in Orlando, Florida, are leaving flowers, cards and drawings at the Pulse nightclub to remember the victims who were killed a year ago. "It's scary that it happened but we come together and we come together as a community and love one another".

"Its refreshing, I'm in love, this is the love of my life,"Adam said".

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"A year later I think the thing that is most important is this community and why I live here and why I'm so happy to live here", a tearful Williams said. Eventually the site will become a permanent, national memorial to honor the victims and survivors.

"How could we not, from Orlando to Columbia we're feeling this", Kingdom Outreach, Tiffany Adams said. "We will return that hate with love". "It brought us together in unity and love".

As mourners gathered to commemorate the year anniversary of the shootings on 12 June, three protestors held homophobic signs and shouted extreme religious rhetoric.

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Aliyah Proctor of Orlando remembers Pulse Nightclub well.

A foot race was held over the weekend, and eight gay and lesbian students were awarded $4,900 toward their college studies by a local businessman. Maguire and another protester were wearing shirts with anti-gay slogans.

Steve Brooks, a member of the Orlando gay Chorus said of the shooter, "He is somewhere, down somewhere looking up at all of this probably frustrated as hell, because it just had the exact opposite of fact". Moments later, the officer pushes the man back and the man falls down. His wife, Noor Salman, is facing charges of aiding and abetting and obstruction in federal court, and she has pleaded not guilty to helping her husband. She had planned to go the night of the shooting but at the last minute changed her mind and went to another club.

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One year later: thousands gather to honor Pulse victims