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Will Cosby testify at sex assault trial? Lawyers remain mum

18 June 2017

The jury could begin deliberations by Monday evening.

Sixty women have accused Cosby of drugging them, sexually assaulting them, or both. He says the encounter was consensual.

Cosby's testimony in her civil case shows just how hard a witness he would be to control.

As they pored over Cosby's words, the jurors appeared to struggle with some language in one of the charges against him: "without her knowledge".

The seven-men, five-woman panel began deliberations at around 5:30 pm local time (2130 GMT), each ordering dinner from a series of menus that included burgers and salads.

They'll resume deliberations Tuesday morning.

"I have three friends for you to make you relax", Cosby said he told Constand, according to a deposition transcript re-read to the jury Monday night.

Constand, 44, testified last week that Cosby gave her three blue pills and then penetrated her with his fingers against her will as she lay paralyzed and half-conscious. He showed jurors copies of deposition transcripts and police interviews in which Cosby admitted to giving Constand a dose of Benadryl, an over-the-counter allergy medication he uses as a sleep aid, and discussing his sexual preferences.

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"Just tell the truth - what are we doing here?" he continued, one of many exclamations he made in a fiery and at times histrionic closing that lasted almost two hours. Cosby did not take the stand, nor did his wife. Constand testified at trial that she did not know who Marguerite Jackson was.

"She's on the phone with lawyers before she told her mom anything", he said, his voice rising regularly in agitation.

"This is where all the fancy lawyering can't get you around your own words", he said. Gianna Constand, left, who is the mother of Andrea Constand, leaves the courtroom after closing arguments in Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, .

The judge says jurors can continue working as late as they wish.

The defense insisted Constand was a willing partner and said she hid the fact that the two had had a romantic relationship when she went to police a year after the alleged assault. Cosby says any contact was consensual.

Cosby has been accused of sexual misconduct by over 50 women, but he has always maintained his innocence.

During his closing argument, McMonagle flipped between stage-whispered intimacy and earsplitting verbal explosions - as he ran through a long list of possible culprits he says are responsible for landing his client at the center of one of the most high-profile criminal cases in recent American history.

The 12 jurors, who were selected in Pittsburgh even though the trial took place outside Philadelphia in Norristown, will determine the fate of the 79-year-old star.

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A conviction could put him in prison for the rest of his life. The allegation by Constand, a former athletic administrator at Cosby's alma mater, Temple University, is the only one not too old to be the subject of criminal prosecution.

And he used jarring language to describe his sexual encounters with various young women. Prosecutors have suggested he drugged her with something stronger - perhaps quaaludes.

She became incapacitated and felt "frozen" and told him so, she testified. Wyatt said on Friday that Camille Cosby continued to support him, despite the accusations of assault from dozens of women.

But Constand's is the only criminal case against him as under U.S. statues of limitations. "You don't put her in a bedroom for put her on a sofa, you do what you do to her, and then you leave her", he said, pleading with the jury.

As expected, Cosby chose not to testify. He has denied any wrongdoing.

Kevin R. Steele, the Montgomery County district attorney, also addressed Mr Cosby directly, in a closing argument that lasted more than two hours on just the sixth day of a fast-moving case, originally anticipated to have taken weeks, not days, to present. "When you dance outside your marriage, you've got to pay the band."You danced", he added, looking at Cosby, before turning his attention to Camille, seated in the front row".

The AP does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done.

Prosecutors are poised to give their closing argument Monday afternoon. Cosby lowered and shook his head in the courtroom as she spoke. He just testified for six minutes and the lawyers immediately started their closing arguments. Constand testified the pills left her disoriented and unable to resist him.

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Will Cosby testify at sex assault trial? Lawyers remain mum