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Warriors celebrate NBA title with parade through Oakland

18 June 2017

The utter confusion on Thompson's face provided a photo that became a symbol of the Warriors' season. LeBron had a triple double in the final - first time it is happening - and is unquestionably still the best all-round player in the game.

Myers realizes adding Durant might not have worked so well with anyone but the Warriors. The Warriors did not do the same for Barnes and Ezeli, who were two of the primary casualties when the team signed Durant this offseason, something they had been planning for at least two years. His last performance may have been the most satisfying for him personally.

Entering Game 4, the Cavaliers were in a desperate situation.

The numbers say: Finals defensing rating with Thompson on the floor, 108.8; with Thompson off the floor, a team-high 120.7.

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Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry greets and celebrates the fans in the street parade.

"Andre lives for the big moment", his teammate Draymond Green said. It paid off. Kerr put together a top-tier coaching staff, luring away defensive guru Ron Adams from the Celtics, and Alvin Gentry from the Clippers.

2017 Warriors headline posters, mugs and more.

For the Cavaliers, the main goal for next season is to ensure they become a better team to earn a ticket to the playoffs, dispose of their opponents from round one to four and face the one team that will stand on their way for another National Basketball Association title. Order the book here. He scored 20 points and shot 9 of 14 from the field. But they bounced back and closed it out in Game 5 in front of the rowdy Oracle Arena fans.

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Iguodala had one last assist in the game's final minute.

"Whatever you need", Iguodala recalled telling Kerr.

"There is nobody having more fun than me", Warriors owner Joe Lacob said. In 2001, a team considered historically mediocre rode a surprise young quarterback to a title, though many wondered if they were a fluke. And the Warriors know how to do just that. Iguodala has thrived as an anchor on the Warriors' second unit ever since.

The eyes say: In the locker room, amid a champagne bath, David West declared that winning a championship was even better than he dreamed it would be. Only Jordan's Bulls team in the mid-1990s is spoken of in the same tones. Games 1 and 2 were absolute blowouts. Shaun Livingston had a insane knee injury. The Cavs never figured out how to guard Livingston's mid-range jumper, and he banged it down repeatedly for the Warriors. This is one of the reasons the Warriors' franchise remains a powerhouse. Kerr then explained his hesitancy in running it over and over.

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A topsy-turvy series saw them beat the Los Angeles Clippers 4-3 in the first round of the 2017 playoffs, but the dream ended there as they were swept by the Warriors in the next round. Presumably, that would be the GSW and in such a case the question to be asked is: How the Cavs will get on equal footing with the Warriors.