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Obamas invited to be honorary football coach at University of MI

18 June 2017

The Michigan Wolverines' head coach is getting ready to extend an invitation to Barack and Michelle Obama to serve as honorary football captains this season, but why?

MI coach Jim Harbaugh said Saturday the team took a vote and has settled on possibly going to Paris, Normandy, France and London during spring practice next year.

He served on Michelle Obama's education committee, working with her at rallies in Detroit and Washington, D.C. Harbaugh and his wife Sarah were also invited to one of the Obamas' final parties in January before they left the White House.

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Last year, Harbaugh had famous faces like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady and Hank Aaron filling the role.

The Michigan football team went to Rome this offseason, but Harbaugh said he thought afterward about the possibility of going to multiple locales next time. "There's been, 'Hey, we'd like you to do it, ' and now we're doing official asks".

Harbaugh was in the nation's capital to speak at a congressional hearing, representing Legal Services Corporation. "We had 39 wonderful minutes with President Obama, saw Mrs. Obama as well".

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It looks like the team had a lot of fun, and there was everything from head coach Jim Harbaugh opera singing to the team playing paintball, and a bunch of other cool things. A book. He shared a lot of insights.

In other Harbaugh news, he said Saturday that the team has chose to follow up its trip to Italy for spring practice with a visit to "Paris, Normandy and London" in 2018, the winners of a team straw poll. He's met the President and First Lady many times and has developed a relationship with both of them over the years.

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Obamas invited to be honorary football coach at University of MI