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New Sphero Spider Man Toy Launched

18 June 2017

With the new generation of "Spider-Man" on the way to the movies in the next few weeks, it makes sense for toy stores to get their action figures, web slingers, and anything else that can allow kids to relive their fondest memories of the movie, and possibly some adults, too. Again, though, the idea is that Sphero will continuously add stories to Spider-Man's arsenal. Now, Sphero is releasing yet another toy - a talking Spider-Man - that continues to expand its connected toy line. Look out! Here come our seven favourite things about Spider-Man so far. When he's not terrorizing New York City as Mister Negative, he takes on the role of Martin Li, a benevolent man that runs a soup kitchen called F.E.A.S.T. He's somewhat new to the Spider-Man mythos, having made a splash when Dan Slott started his massively long run as the writer of several Spider-Man books. This is a brand new universe we've created alongside Marvel. A focus not just on his aerial assault skills but also his svelte boots on the ground movements that transition to more vertical spaces as he advances on foes.

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Given that Spider-Man will feature a map substantially larger than Sunset Overdrive, it seems that the latest Spidey game will let the wall crawler have a lot of free reign in the city, perhaps hearkening back to games like 2002's Spider-Man and 2004's Spider-Man 2, which really let the titular hero swing through the city streets and among the skyscrapers easily.

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Like ultimately if you feel like you're an elite athlete in your prime, that's what we're trying to convey. Spider-Man will simply feature one suit in the PlayStation exclusive game, there will be multiple. But those won't cross over with Insomniac's Spider-Man, at least for now.

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It's Spider-Man, but not really found in the same form Sphero has been engineering, because he's not a robot per se. It's only out next year on PS4, but it's already my personal game of the show from E3.