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Xbox One X Price In US, UK And Canada

17 June 2017

When Microsoft announced the Xbox One X for a price of $499, many people expected Sony to drop the price of the PS4 Pro.

And what makes the Xbox One X so interesting for Microsoft is that the kind of folks who buy "premium" consoles like it and the PlayStation 4 Pro are the kind of folks who not only buy more games, they also tend to buy more accessories, and services than the average customer.

"It was that nice, liberating point that we had by having Xbox One S", Penello said. Given that the Xbox One launched at $500 while the PS4 was priced at $400, it ended up being a total no-brainer for those on the fence. The same couldn't be said to the Xbox One X, which is what my main issue is with the console's official reveal. And that's where we started with Xbox One X. There's no accounting for optimization of each individual game, and any PC gamer will tell you that some games just come up short in terms of performance, but the concept here is very solid. The console will also be able to provide true 4K picture and UHD playback on 4K devices, unlike the PlayStation 4 Pro.

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As we saw at E3, Microsoft have a range of new titles that are planning to support it in a big way, providing fans with another choice in the already busy gaming market. There are a few games on Xbox One that take up similar amounts of space, but only after tons of downloaded patches.

Microsoft have been pushing the sheer power of their recently titled Xbox One X since its early development.

Users who already own an Xbox One S will be able to transfer all the cables over to the new console as it features port locations created to be an easy plug-and-play swap in their already existing gaming setup. No, they are going to continue making games for all Xbox owners with the options to run better on the "elite" system.

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For various PC problems, we recommend to use this tool. Crimson's one of my favourites from the original Xbox - I thought it actually looked really good, it was one of the things, putting it on a 4k screen, I was a little anxious about how some of the old games would look. Even the Nintendo Switch has a better exclusives line-up, with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey. Notably, the Wii U was sold at a loss, but became profitable provided the buyer purchased a single game.

As resolutions improve, it's no surprise game sizes will have to balloon to accommodate the increasingly detailed textures, but it appears Microsoft and Sony didn't future proof their console hard drives with that in mind. Spencer expects similar adoption for the Xbox One X.

Now, during the company's E3 2017 announcement, the software giant revealed plans to support original Xbox games via its Backwards Compatibility initiative.

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Xbox One X Price In US, UK And Canada