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Super Mario Odyssey will have local co-op

17 June 2017

The second player will control a new character named Cappy, that looks a lot like a floating hat. Nonetheless, if you're keen to see what Odyssey looks like in co-op, here's nearly 29 minutes of action. While controlling Cappy, the second player is able to fly around independently from Mario, which they show off by solving a puzzle involving collecting music notes.

In addition to the usual yellow coins, Odyssey has purple coins that can only be used in the level in which they're collected. As with any form of entertainment there are different types ranging from gung-ho action games with little plot, to social, economic, and political statements being made within these games. When the mode is activated, Mario's Cappy hovers above his noggin. In the demo, the player using Cappy can basically act as a form of protection for Mario just by moving around him. The fact that Cappy is not to be destroyed only makes the game even more interesting and a delight to play.

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It's a move that echoes Nintendo's smartphone strategy, where the platform holder finally seems comfortable about letting its big-name brands take flight outside its own platforms and development teams.

The city (which served as the inspiration for the design of Nintendo's booth) was one of the two areas I was able to explore during my brief time with the game.

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It has been confirmed now that upcoming Super Mario Odyssey title will be available in the co-op mode similar to Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii.

Are you into Odyssey's weird vibes, or would you prefer a more traditional title as the Switch's first Mario?

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Super Mario Odyssey will have local co-op