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Steve Harvey Under Fire For Flint Water Joke

16 June 2017

According to one listener, Harvey used the Flint water crisis - the one that caused countless health issues for the city's citizens and which one official has just been charged with manslaughter over - as a punchline for barbs directed at the caller.

While we are making progress in replacing lead tainted service lines, we still have to use filters and remain on bottled water.

Harvey's c0-hosts laughed and softly told him that he should apologize and move on, which he didn't.

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This morning callers and I were cracking jokes about the Cleveland Cavaliers loss to the Golden State Warriors.

Harvey's co-hosts on the show immediately erupted into howls of outrage, and one of them formally apologized for Harvey's ridicule of Flint, which has been dealing with the water crisis for the past three years. Harvey, who is a Cavs fan, felt that LeBron James' team deserved the win more than the Warriors. "He gone call in and say Cleveland don't deserve jack and he over their bathing in all that silver water", he responded.

"The caller and I were talking trash about our teams and cities", reads the statement (via WJLA).

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But this time, the "Family Feud" host, took the jokes too far.

Not cool, Steve. The Flint Water Crisis is still an ongoing issue in the city as there are residents still without clean drinking water. He said that he wasn't dissing the entire city of Flint, but only talking to that one man.

Harvey already has people looking at him twisted after a mean-spirited in-house memo was secretly released that told his underlings not to speak to him in the halls or in the makeup room - or anywhere else, for that matter, without an appointment.

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Before taking the next caller Harvey told the caller there was "one more thing".

Steve Harvey Under Fire For Flint Water Joke