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Shooting at Congressional baseball practice in Virginia, groups respond

15 June 2017

"I want to compliment the U.S. Capitol Police for their quick action and through their heroic efforts and others they save a lot of lives", McAuliffe said.

Asked at a press conference about what he believed could be done to protect politicians, McAuliffe said, "Let me say this: I think we need to do more to protect all of our citizens".

The Pride Fund to End Gun Violence supports requiring background checks for all gun sales, prohibiting suspected terrorists from purchasing guns, restricting access to assault weapons and high capacity magazines, preventing those convicted of hate crimes from purchasing guns, and undertaking federally funded research on gun violence.

Whenever there is a mass shooting in America -so, like, every week - gun advocates race to say the solution is more guns. But he said, "That's not for today's discussion".

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Translate escalation rhetoric across the board to see how ridiculous it sounds: If we're anxious about car-on-pedestrian fatalities in cities, the solution should be to fill the road with more cars to block the other cars from hitting you; if you're anxious about graffiti in your neighborhood, the solution must be to arm every citizen with their own can of spray paint to cover it and hope they don't misuse it; if the air is too polluted, what we really need is more pollution to block that pollution, somehow, maybe? "We just buried one of our great state troopers, a special agent, with a wife and three young children".

McAuliffe's remarks on Wednesday drew swift criticism from Republicans. Pro-gun voters lean heavily toward the Republican Party.

After any major shooting in America, a debate on gun control usually follows quickly, and after a gunman fired at several members of Congress on Wednesday, that conversation took a unique turn.

"Never missing a chance to push his gun-control agenda, our illustrious leader, Governor McAuliffe, when interviewed about the shooting, predicted that the USA will have no one left alive in only 31/2 more days due to gunfire".

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Using the Gun Violence Archive's definition, the number of mass shootings has been ticking upward in recent years: through June 14, there were 100 mass shootings in 2014, 135 in 2015, 142 last year, and 154 this year.

Following a shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, in which a GOP congressional baseball team was targeted, the gun control debate is in full swing.

McAuliffe repeated that he was not there to discuss gun control measures, though he noted he would stand up for the safety of all. But Republicans kept control.

Pride Fund to End Gun Violence is a Political Action Committee (PAC), organized for the objective of raising and spending money to elect pro-LGBTQ candidates at the federal and local level who support sensible gun reforms.

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Chris Hurst, a former WDBJ-TV news anchor man who was the boyfriend of Parker, is now running for a House of Delegates seat as a Democrat in the 12th district against Republican Del.

Shooting at Congressional baseball practice in Virginia, groups respond