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DC, Maryland Officials Promise 'Major Lawsuit' Against Trump

15 June 2017

The suit to be unveiled Monday centers on the so-called emoluments clause, which bans United States officials from taking gifts or other benefits from foreign governments.

"Trump is the framers' worst-case scenario; a president who would seize office and attempt to exploit his position for personal financial gain with every governmental entity imaginable, across the United States or around the world". Trump said he was shifting assets into a trust managed by his sons to eliminate potential conflicts of interests.

In the month of March, an interview is taken by Reuters of the attorney general Racine and he said in his interview that the District of Columbia has suffered special harm because it sponsored the construction of the hotels that are now wedged by foreign payments to Trump properties.

Yes. A government watchdog group sued him in NY in January for the exact same reasons.

In March 2017, a leak revealed that Trump and his wife Melania paid a total of Dollars 38 million in federal income tax in 2005. "No one, not even the president can be allowed to endanger our democracy and erode our faith in our institutions", Racine said. "The behavior of past presidents suggests Trump is deviating from the norm".

The system of checks and balances has failed to address the president's conflicts of interest, according to Raccine, including Congress, which he said has given the president "a total pass on his business entanglements".

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A statement released to the press Monday says they'll announce the suit at a news conference in Washington.

"The suit alleges that President Trump is flagrantly violating the Constitution", Racine told reporters on Monday. "What are we to do, sit back and let the president police himself?"

The suit detailed the popularity with foreign officials of the opulent Trump International Hotel since his January 20 inauguration, alleging that the hotel "has specifically marketed itself to the diplomatic community". There were many allegations about Trump's tax returns, such as that he paid very little tax, made business deals with Russians, and didn't give much to charity.

What do you think of Trump's business connections?

The lawsuit says despite billionaire Trump having placed his extensive business holdings in a trust after he was elected president, he still owns the properties and is well-aware of the money they are earning him. "He continues to take money from foreign governments.He doesn't seem to understand or care about these violations of the constitution".

"If the Justice Department is right, the emoluments clause has no meaning whatsoever", Frosh said. We understand the President understands the value of walls. "This is one he can't climb over and it's one he can't dig underneath".

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The state of Maryland and the District of Columbia are taking President Trump to court.

Asked Monday about the lawsuits, White House spokesman Sean Spicer branded them political.

"It's not hard to conclude that partisan politics may be more the motivations behind the scenes", he added.

The Trump Hotel in the nation's capital affects business in the Washington area and is part of the reason the lawsuit was filed, the two Democratic officials explained.

In January, Trump pledged to track profits from foreign governments and donate them to the U.S. Treasury.

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