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Calls for gun control likely revving up already

15 June 2017

Asked at a press conference about what he believed could be done to protect politicians, McAuliffe said, "Let me say this: I think we need to do more to protect all of our citizens. We should all be grateful for the many acts of heroism and compassion that saved lives this morning - and mindful of how this tragedy underscores the urgency of ending the epidemic of gun violence in America".

McAuliffe acknowledged that stricter gun control can't stop all violence, noting that the WDBJ shooter had passed a background check and purchased a gun legally.

"No background checks No licensing No registration No permit req'd for concealed carry of long guns Open carry long guns & handguns", the pundit tweeted to over 450,000 followers. "This is a very serious issue".

Rep. Steve Scalise was shot when a gunman opened fire at a GOP baseball practice in Alexandria, VA.

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Translate escalation rhetoric across the board to see how ridiculous it sounds: If we're anxious about car-on-pedestrian fatalities in cities, the solution should be to fill the road with more cars to block the other cars from hitting you; if you're anxious about graffiti in your neighborhood, the solution must be to arm every citizen with their own can of spray paint to cover it and hope they don't misuse it; if the air is too polluted, what we really need is more pollution to block that pollution, somehow, maybe?

"Why are you bringing it up?"

The governor was referring to the funeral he recently attended for slain State Police special agent Michael Timothy Walter, who was shot at a public housing complex May 26.

As Maddow said, today was a "different kind of kick to us as a country".

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McAuliffe, 60, is the 72nd governor of Virginia. "The city is safe", he said.

Many current congressional Republicans were ushered into their seats with the support of the National Rifle Association, including the injured Mr Scalise, who receives funding from the gun lobby group and has voted consistently against gun control measures.

"Republicans have proven impervious to mass shootings and I don't think you'll see any reforms now", said Adam Winkler, a UCLA law professor and gun policy expert.

Regrettably, the senseless shootings of 20 children and six educators were not enough for Congress to take action to strengthen the federal gun laws that would help prevent gun violence in our nation.

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"If there is a change from this I hope that people on both sides begin to temper the more extreme and hysterical political rhetoric", he said.

Calls for gun control likely revving up already