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UK leader May seen fighting for survival after election failure

11 June 2017

The supposed loser, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, savored a surprisingly strong result and basked in the adulation of an energized, youthful base.

British newspapers summed it up in a word: mayhem.

Business, already struggling with the uncertainties of the two-year Brexit negotiating process, urged party leaders to work together.

But May soldiered on Friday, reappointing senior ministers to her Cabinet and holding talks with a small Northern Irish party about shoring up her minority government. She ignored younger people, who preferred to stay in the European Union previous year and now prefer the Labour Party to the Tories by a huge margin, 63 percent to 27 percent.

Labour gained 30 seats to win 262, with 40 percent of the vote compared to 42.4 percent for May.

The final result was announced nearly 24 hours after polls closed. Some experts are calling the Conservatives' unexpected loss of seats a rejection of the "hard Brexit" May has advocated, which would take Britain out of the single market and the customs union and which could see tariffs slapped on British exports to the EU. "May's departure from Downing remorseless".

A man known only as Lord Buckethead, dressed in a homemade Darth Vader-style costume capped with a large bucket, ran against Prime Minister Theresa May in her Maidenhead constituency with fellow costume wearers Howling "Laud" Hope and Bobby "Elmo" Smith.

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Cutting a deal with the Democratic Unionists, which won 10 seats, may not be straightforward. Several Conservative lawmakers, including Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, raised concerns over the DUP's opposition to same-sex marriage.

A council chief labelled Mrs May "a liability" while one Labour MP described her pursuit of the Democratic Unionist Party's support as "desperate". In February 1974, Ted Heath chose to ask voters "Who governs Britain?" when he did not have to. When voters chose to leave, he resigned, leaving May to deal with the mess.

The protest march marked the second day of protests over the possibility of a new Conservative administration, under Theresa May, trying to forge a majority government with the DUP.

The Conservative Party is ruthless with losers.

Sorfina said she knew the importance of social care funding as she has friends who struggled to pay their fees while providing for their families. Steven Fielding, a professor of politics at the University of Nottingham, called her "a zombie prime minister".

Carried out by the Conservative Home website, 60% of all those asked welcomed a leadership battle with just 37% of the 1,500 members who took part saying she should stay in her post. Many analysts said it was unlikely May could remain leader for long now that her authority has been eroded.

Steve Crowther, who is standing in as Ukip leader following Paul Nuttall's resignation, said an end to freedom of movement must be secured in the Brexit talks.

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The party said Saturday that Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill have quit.

"The young have a bad deal", said Ben Page, chief executive of the pollster Ipsos MORI. Not what the establishment and their media mouthpieces insist they should want.

Jeremy believes that there is a new movement in Britain demanding change, and Labour are the ones to bring it.

May also assumed that the centrists and moderates who had voted Conservative in 2015 and to "Remain" in Europe in 2016 would have to vote for her because they would have nowhere else to go.

Now they have to find a way to get the extra support they need to make a government.

"I voted with my heart and my head".

It was against the grim backdrop of recent attacks in London and Manchester that residents went out to vote yesterday. They sent a wave of anxiety through Britain and forced May to defend the government's record on fighting terrorism.

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"This General Election result could make things harder for businesses, particularly as the Brexit negotiations are scheduled to begin in less than a fortnight".