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Key takeaways from Apple's WWDC event

11 June 2017

When iOS 11 finally lands this fall, iPhone users might be able to stop using their third-party QR code scanner apps and instead, just use the Camera app included by Apple.

The first iOS 11 beta is showing off yet more features beyond those mentioned by Apple during the firm's keynote address at WWDC on Monday. With iOS 11, users can take screenshots of Snapchat photos without the contact ever knowing about as it bypasses the app's default screenshot alert.

What's more, in iOS 10.3, Apple released a tool to that names and shames apps that will be rendered obsolete by the next major update.

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Once the password is saved on a new device, it'll remember it. The new operating system for Apple's in-house devices comes with a redesigned App Drawer, as well as message syncing across devices and Apple Pay, a new way to pay your friends or collaborators directly via message.

The biggest change visible is the new dock for iPads sourced directly from Apple's very own Mac.

The Files app in the now available iOS 11 developer preview can't be described as fully functional. For a final verdict on how well Files gets the job done, we'll have to get to play with the final iOS 11 release.

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According to The Guardian, those using newer devices such as the iPhone 7 and the latest iPad will also be affected by the new software as some older apps are only coded to 32-bit and not for a 64-bit system.

Apps that only run in 32-bit will not show up in search results in the new version of the App Store.

But otherwise, even if an app is now shown as having problems with iOS 11, there's every chance it will still get that life-saving update. The only real differences are that the new driving mode activates automatically, setting the screen to black, whenever the phone detects it is in a moving vehicle, and that it allows the user to set an automatic text message reply if desired. Apple's navigation app is also getting an upgrade and will now be able to display floorplan-level maps within malls and airports for detailed navigation assistance.

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Key takeaways from Apple's WWDC event