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IOS 11 will stop apps from begging you for reviews

11 June 2017

These let you rate an app from the prompt, without redirecting to the store. It may even make people more interested in leaving a review, because it can be done without exiting the app and because it means they'll be done with the prompt for good.

A game featuring 'Pepe The Frog, ' the internet meme who morphed into a symbol of the alt-right, has been declined by Apple's App Store because the tech giant considers the cartoon's main character as "objectionable content". It has a redesigned Games, Apps and Today tabs, which are packed with a lot of interesting stuff. This could cause issues if an app is updated and the developer wants to receive feedback on the new version. There are no apps in the App Store with Pepe in the title, and it does not appear in many meme apps and iMessage sticker packs (there are no Pepes in "MemeStickers", for instance). Needless to say, App Store has affected the lives of thousands of developers and publishers globally and this big change in App Store is something everyone should take notice. The App store of Apple is a home to one the most vibrant and innovative apps around the world.

Apple is shipping many features in this new update but two most prominent features, that Apple is shipping are Games and Apps tabs.

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However, as with in-app purchases, Apple will now take a 30 percent cut from all tips that apps will generate.

This seems like it should be a win-win for users and developers. The company has updated its App Store to help users discover app and games more easily.

The company is also planning to launch its new OS named iOS 11.

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Apple won't allow third-party apps to ask you to leave the app altogether, but instead will offer an alternative that allows you to give it a star rating without having to leave the app you're using.

Apple's push for making ASO a central piece in the new App store is also interesting to note because Apple has been pushing for Search ads in the App Store as another way of increasing revenues via paid app installs that has been dominated by Facebook in the last few years.

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IOS 11 will stop apps from begging you for reviews