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Trump aides tell him to keep Sessions as US attorney general

09 June 2017

President Donald Trump remains livid with Jeff Sessions but understands that accepting the attorney general's resignation would ignite yet another firestorm around his beleaguered administration, a person close to him said Wednesday. That would be a reasonable interpretation of White House press secretary Sean Spicer's cautious response to a question during Tuesday's press briefing. "If he didn't, they wouldn't be here".

President Donald Trump, knowingly or otherwise, is adding fuel to the fire of rumors that he's had a falling out with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. "The American people would not tolerate someone being part of the campaign investigating the campaign".

TRUNEWS correspondent Edward Szall was unable to independently corroborate these claims, but from his November 8th interview with Mr. Sessions its fair to say the former Alabama lawmaker is a man of honor and integrity, and if a resignation was indeed offered, it was done from a place of wisdom and duty.

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He recused himself from the Russian Federation investigation in March after he failed to disclose a meeting he had with Russia's ambassador in Washington.

More than 24 hours later, aboard Air Force One, Sanders told reporters, "I haven't had a chance to have an extensive conversation with him today but I certainly plan to ask him that".

That was capped by several tweets from the president early this week that voiced frustration with the U.S. Justice Department, which Sessions runs at the behest of the president, for pushing a "watered down" version of a travel ban from numerous Muslim-majority countries.

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The White House has arrived at a binary choice: Choose chaos or choose success. Mr Trump fired Mr Comey later that day.

It's nearly as if Trump's anger at someone, even when he's willing to express it in public, isn't a permanent or irreversible situation. Early aboard the Trump bandwagon and the first sitting senator to endorse him during his campaign, Sessions seemed to be someone Trump trusted.

Trump and Sessions share a similar world view on key issues, including crime and immigration.

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Though the Department of Justice would later categorize the meetings as routine, given Sessions' responsibilities as a senator, the encounters would play a role in Sessions' recusal as attorney general from all investigations related to Russian interference in the presidential election.

Trump aides tell him to keep Sessions as US attorney general