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UK PM May's lead over Labour shrinks

03 June 2017

May's message that no Brexit deal is better than a bad deal, earned a response from Corbyn saying: "no deal is a bad deal".

"They need to help people".

Corbyn and May's interventions on Brexit took place just 24 hours after it emerged the European Commission is prepared to postpone the start of the Brexit negotiations if Corbyn becomes Prime Minister and needs more time to prepare for talks.

Her speech came as a YouGov poll for The Times puts her ruling Tory party on 42 per cent, down one point since the end of last week, with Labour up three on 39 per cent and the Liberal Democrats down two points on 7 per cent - at par with the far-right, anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP).

Jeremy Corbyn on the campaign trail.

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"I think that he's quite honest".

Mrs May also says Yorkshire farmers will not be left out of pocket when existing European Union subsidy arrangements coming to an end, promising to maintain the "same cash total" for for the duration of the next Parliament.

Kattal said the issue of Brexit was not important for the election campaign in Basildon: "To be honest, it's all about distribution of wealth, if there's distribution of wealth everybody is happy".

Under pressure following a lacklustre campaign, her decision to miss Wednesday's seven-way debate between United Kingdom party leaders after Mr Corbyn's last minute attendance and the narrowing of the opinion polls, the Tory leader reiterated her credentials as the best leader to negotiate Britain's exit from the European Union, a process which is due to begin 11 days after polling day. "I am still going to vote for him, because in my heart I vote Labour, as my parents did before and my grandparents", she said.

"I was very anxious because my husband has very bad health", she told AFP, adding that it may put voters off. "We will produce a million high-quality, high-skilled and high-paid jobs", Long-Bailey said. "If we are the largest party we go ahead - no deals - with our manifesto, our Budget and our Queen's Speech". In the meantime, both Labour and the Conservatives will be working hard to make sure it's their man or woman taking the top job.

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Since 1974, it has always voted for the party that ended up winning the national election.

And, writing in today's newspaper, she says "a successful Brexit" holds the key to the county's future economic prospects and domestic reforms - including new Institutes of Technology in every Yorkshire city.

The Labour leader told ITV News he would put together a "diverse" top team representing different wings of his party, but signalled that the trio would all take on the roles they are now shadowing.

Corbyn said May's "no deal is better than a bad deal" would be a disaster for British industry and cause a jobs meltdown. "Theresa May is using this election for Brexit, but actually on the doorstep, people aren't mentioning that", she said, handing out leaflets outside a shopping arcade, numerous buildings locked up.

"Because the promise of Brexit is great, the opportunities before us enormous". "She was actually getting through to him but that one stumbling block over the dementia tax is [creating] a hesitancy", he said.

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UK PM May's lead over Labour shrinks