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Labour Promises One Million New Jobs in Next Parliament

03 June 2017

The referendum on Britain's European Union membership galvanised a lot of older working class voters past year, bringing many people to the voting booth for the first time or after a long absence.It is not clear whether these voters will keep the habit, and whether they will back Labour or switch to the Conservatives who have been more explicit in promising to deliver Brexit.The polling companies changed their methodologies after the 2015 election to tackle the bias towards those who are politically engaged.

Trident and the use of nuclear weapons quickly became the topical issue as Corbyn seemed somewhat awkward when pushed on the issue.

He said the "great team of very experienced people" included Sir Keir Starmer, one of the "leading lawyers" in the country.

Prime Minister Theresa May has denied that she regrets calling a snap election, telling a live TV audience that it showed she had "balls".

A clear win for Corbyn, whose less than two-year leadership has been marked by poor ratings, divisions among his party and a failed coup attempt, would force many investors to redraw their assumptions on both Brexit and the fiscal outlook.

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Mr Corbyn is making a speech in York to set out his plans to create one million "high quality" jobs by investing £250 billion in industry.

But former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg called her comments "delusional" - pointing out she had opposed Brexit in the referendum.'The relentlessly upbeat assessment of Brexit in her speech today is a U-turn of epic proportions, ' he added.

The Labour leader was challenged over his meetings with Irish republicans and Hamas, with one questioner asking him: "How do you expect the British people to vote for you to go into Number 10 when you have sat down and supported them?"

Mr Corbyn said: 'Of course not, that is why I made the point ... about the need for president Obama's agreement with Iran to be upheld, it's quite important actually, and also to promote disarmament in Korea'.

The Labour leader said: "I was talking to representatives of the republican movement, yes".

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"It's worth it so any young person can go to university and not leave with debt, it's worth it to make sure school headteachers don't have to collect at the school gate to pay the teachers' salaries".

"I agree with Brexit", said cleaner Maria Kelly, 62, who has always voted Conservative in the past but is considering backing the Lib Dems next week.

"Her description of her phone call to Donald Trump sounded more like a cosy chat between political soul mates than a fight for the future for our planet". And he criticised Mrs May's decision not to sign a letter with leaders of Germany, France and Italy condemning the move.

"The most likely outcome here is a Tory (Conservative) victory, but a Tory victory no longer certain of an increased majority", she said. "We all got it wrong in 2015 and we are all trying different methods to get it right this year".

Once we got onto the harder questions, of nurses' pay and mental health, she did start to build her usual defensive stone walls.

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Corbyn's focus on the domestic issues behind the Brexit vote, rather than on Brexit itself, may prove to be the better campaign strategy.

Labour Promises One Million New Jobs in Next Parliament