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Bill Maher's use of racial slur on HBO show draws criticism

03 June 2017

Bill Maher, the HBO late-night host of "Real Time", was criticized widely on social media after an interview with a Nebraska senator that aired Friday night where the host joked that he is a "house [expletive]".

So, while Bill Maher's use of a racial slur warrants accountability, the truth is that he crossed that line many times before.

"It's frowned upon", Sasse said. Townhall notes that "after the Kathy Griffin Trump beheading fiasco, you wouldn't think it could get much worse for Hollywood liberals".

SASSE: You're welcome, we'd would love to have you working in the fields for us.

To which Bill responds, "Work in the fields?"

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Some audience members were heard to groan while others clapped, the Times reported.

Yep, that's Bill Maher saying the n-word.

"No, it's a joke", Maher said. "But there is something weird in human history if you can't tell 10 and 15 and 20 and 25 year olds apart - because that's new". "There are no explanations that make this acceptable", tweeted Deray McKesson, activist and Black Lives Matter leader.

Strangely, some have compared Maher's insensitive incident to that of comedian Kathy Griffin's from earlier this week.

Bill Maher mocks Trump's deranged 'covefefe...

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Maher's publicists did not respond to an email seeking comment. Ben Sasse of Nebraska.

During a Friday HBO "Real Time" conversation with Sen.

Has Maher really gone too far this time, though, even for his clearly offensive strategy for garnering publicity?

"Unacceptable. And the audience applauds!?!"

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Bill Maher's use of racial slur on HBO show draws criticism