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Iran's Watchdog Council Approves Election Results

02 June 2017

Raisi's loss seems well beyond the margin of fraud - Rouhani won by 57 to 38 percent - but Reuters suspects the allegations will "stoke up Raisi's conservative supporters". "Not sending ballots to centers where the government's opponent has a chance of getting votes is very inappropriate", Raisi was quoted as saying.

The Guardian Council's announcement came as no surprise as its influential chairman, Ahmad Jannati, said last week that he could confirm the validity of the election despite violations.

In response to questions about objections reported to the Council, Ministry's spokesperson emphasized that all the protests and objections had been reviewed in Guardian Council and some of them had been referred to the Judiciary.

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The Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has since warned candidates against questioning the results, saying it would "serve the interests of the enemies" of the Islamic Republic.

The Guardian Council also certifies the victor of the election and did so on Tuesday, evidently dismissing Raisi's complaints.

Iran's electoral watchdog, the Guardian Council, has approved the presidential elections results.

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Official authorities in Iran describe the protests that took place in 2009 after the presidential elections as riot - protests spurred when the two reform candidates claimed that election results were forged for the advantage of Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad. He also criticized the heated rhetoric in the election debates, deeming it "unworthy of the Iranian nation".

Raisi, on the other hand, accused Rouhani of having inappropriately used TV, newspapers and government offices for campaign purposes throughout the five months, preceding the elections.

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Iran's Watchdog Council Approves Election Results