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How Jeremy Corbyn Survived Jeremy Paxman's 'Over The Top' Interview

02 June 2017

He also said Hamas should not have to recognise the state of Israel before peace talks can begin, according to a newly-resurfaced 2010 radio interview.

The leaders did not appear together, as Mrs May declined to take part in a head-to-head encounter.

"We have to be prepared to walk out", she said to applause during a Sky News interview today.

One audience member called John got to the crux of Labour's long-term dilemma, telling Corbyn he liked his policies but wasn't sure about him as a leader.

The Labour leader replied that he's "not a dictator" and that the manifesto was the result of consultation with his party.

On Mr Corbyn, he added: "In the biggest fight for the future of our country in a generation, Jeremy Corbyn's Labour has let you down by voting with Theresa May on Brexit - not against her".

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He would not be drawn on whether he would order a drone strike strike against a terrorist plotting overseas to attack the UK.

Corbyn again refused to answer directly, but said he wanted to work for a nuclear-free world.

Questioned on whether this indicated that voters can not trust Labour with their money, he said: "Not at all". That is about Brexit, but it's also about facing up to domestic challenges. Given that this contradicts most of the mainstream opinion polls, and indeed the modern electoral history of Shropshire and mid-Wales, it would be fair to conclude that a disproportionate number of Labour supporters took part our survey.

Her older sister Marcela previously told the Mail on Sunday that she introduced the pair when Ms Alvarez arrived in London from Mexico in 1999. After an attempted skewering over his stated opposition to the monarchy and why he had not proposed abolishing it in the Labour manifesto, Corbyn won laughs by snapping back: "Look, there's nothing in there because we're not going to do it".

"There's nothing in there because we're not going to do it", he said.

Mrs May was asked about the Tories' planned reforms to the way social care is funded, with a man in the audience describing the changes as a "dementia tax".

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Her campaign stumbled when she was forced to revisit a plan to put a hard cap on the assets that residents who receive long-term care at home may own. "And given Jeremy Corbyn has said he's "absolutely fine" with a referendum, we know he'd be willing to roll over", she said.

"I've met pensioners who have said they don't think they should get that winter fuel payment", she said.

She repeated her insistence that no Brexit deal with the European Union would be better than a bad deal.

But observers felt Paxman's confrontational style was too much, and meant he failed to quiz Corbyn properly.

When we asked earlier this month who would make the most effective prime minister, present incumbent Theresa May was way out in front, attracting 65 per cent of the votes cast.

On immigration, he claimed under Labour's plan for "managed migration" it would not go up but would "probably" come down from its current level of around 250,000. After a year in which the prime minister and her management of Brexit has so dominated political coverage in Britain, Corbyn has suddenly been put on an nearly equal footing.

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How Jeremy Corbyn Survived Jeremy Paxman's 'Over The Top' Interview