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US President promises not to forget Papal message

31 May 2017

MALCOLM BRABANT: Later, after touring the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica, and the president offered a new assessment of the pope.

It should be noted that Pope Francis had criticized Donald Trump over his remarks of building walls during his walls. But it could provide powerful imagery to Catholic voters back in the United States as well as the possibility for conflict between a president and a pope who have not often seen eye-to-eye. Francis also differs sharply with Trump on the need to combat climate change and economic inequality.

"I think you will enjoy them", Trump told the pope.

Trump gave Francis a boxed set of five first-edition books by Martin Luther King Jr. and a bronze sculpture titled "Rising Above", representing a peaceful tomorrow and created to evoke the values of unity and resilience. "We can use peace", Trump replied.

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"It is my desire that you become an olive tree to construct peace", the Pope said. 'I won't forget what you said, ' he told the pope after their meeting. Trump was expected to be given a tour of the Vatican after his papal meeting.

When Donald Trump took the podium, he too seemed surprised by his wife's recitation.

Most Western VIP women who visit Saudi Arabia don't cover their heads, including British Prime Minister Theresa May and Merkel.

Pope Francis was gifted a boxed set of five first edition books by Martin Luther King. Despite both men determined not to let politics hinder their encounter, the underlying tensions were clear, reports said.

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The images of Trump and the Pope's meeting are in stark contrast to when the head of the Catholic Church met with President Barack Obama during his administration.

According to accounts of the meeting provided by the White House and the Vatican, the men discussed terrorism, human rights, foreign aid, healthcare, education and assistance to immigrants.

Also getting an introduction was longtime security aide Keith Schiller, who followed Trump to the White House, and Hope Hicks, who served as Trump's spokeswoman during his campaign and joined his White House staff.

This made Melania and Ivanka Trump's decision to embrace traditional dress a powerful political sign-especially considering they made the opposite choice when visiting Saudi Arabia few days earlier, by not wearing the headscarves customary in Islamic tradition. "Potica?" Potica is a Slovenian dessert. "Even though a veil hasn't been a requirement for women since after Vatican II [the council of reform], every first lady from Jacqueline Kennedy onward has worn one".

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MALCOLM BRABANT: The president arrived in Brussels this evening for meetings with European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation officials, and was greeted by the Belgian prime minister and royal family.

Donald and Melania Trump meet the Pope. He spent the night at the US ambassador to Italy's residence.

As the richest nation and the second-largest polluter, US efforts are central to keeping climate change from hitting an irreversible tipping point that would unleash catastrophic floods, droughts and storms, according to researchers. What are the chances that included ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? The meeting comes midway through his 9-day global trip.

Ivanka and Jared were a constant presence at Trump's side in Israel.

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While Trump received warm welcomes in Riyadh and Jerusalem, the reception could grow cooler now that he's reached Europe, site of widespread protests after his election.

US President promises not to forget Papal message