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Neill Blomkamp's New Trailer Teases Series of Sci-fi Films

30 May 2017

Blomkamp, the guy behind movies like District 9, Chappie and Elysium, will be releasing a series of short films, via his company Oats Studios.

The teaser gives us shots of an overgrown Eiffel Tower; some seriously creepy, lizard-like aliens; what looked like some Vietnam-era zombie soldiers; and in general, a pretty freaky and grim future for humanity at large - done in the style of the short films that Blomkamp made his name with before landing District 9.

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That the studio will be monster-focused doesn't come as a surprise. The video opens with a shot of an overgrown Eiffel Tower, as a narrator explains that mankind has been overtaken by aliens determined to exterminate them.

Teasing a new sci-fi studio called Oats Studios since April, Neill Blomkamp's ready to show us what he has in store for his future sci-fi ambitions. The new world altered everyone.

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A title card reads simply that Oats Volume 1 will be "streaming soon".

When asked about his plans for making money on the venture, Blomkamp tweeted that fans could "hopefully pay for Volume 2" or perhaps "go to theatres to see [a] feature adapted from one of the shorter films".

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Blomkamp has been teasing hints about Oats Studios for the a year ago, asking if fans would be interested in buying films off of Steam, and posted some intriguing images to Twitter, showing off one of the aliens seen in the trailer, as well as a Vietnam-era soldier.

Neill Blomkamp's New Trailer Teases Series of Sci-fi Films