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Jury Seated in Cosby Trial

30 May 2017

"I want to get back to the laughter and the enjoyment of things that I've written and things that I perform on stage", Cosby said.

"She really apologizes from the bottom of her heart for what happened", he said. "Never meant to hurt anyone". "People don't take in new information and process it". She chose the latter.

The case against Cosby has attracted worldwide publicity that the judge hopes to shield from jurors during the trial.

Defendants who plead no contest do not admit guilt but do not dispute the charges and are convicted.

Bill Cosby (second right) leaves with his publicist Andrew Wyatt at the Allegheny County Courthouse in Pittsburgh May 24, 2017, after the third day of jury selection in his sexual assault case.

The lawyers returned to court on Wednesday in Pittsburgh to pick a 12th juror and six alternates. Judge O'Neill sided with the prosecution, and the woman was not included on the jury.

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About 12 percent of the new group appeared to be black, just under the 13 percent reported in a 2015 census report on Allegheny County.

Prosecutors denied the allegations, and Judge Steven O'Neill shut down the complaint before Wednesday's (24May17) proceedings could continue. The oldest person chosen for the panel was perhaps in his 70s and, like Cosby, uses a cane.

The former The Cosby Show star has long maintained the sex he had with Constand was consensual, and although he was not charged with any crimes at the time, he did settle a civil suit with her out of court in 2006. The jury from Pittsburgh will be sequestered almost 300 miles from home.

A jury was selected Wednesday for comedian Bill Cosby's June 5 trial. Those who have opinions aren't necessarily disqualified if they convince the judge they can put that aside and focus on the evidence.

Of the panel, two jurors - one man and one woman, both in their 30s - are black, while the rest are white. The initial jury pool had 16 blacks among 100 people. Others were sent home after being questioned individually about various problems or conflicts. Two men selected Monday said they or someone close to them had been sexually assaulted, but they insisted they could judge the case fairly.

In a case Cosby's defense team has said may have racial undertones, two people on the jury - one man and one woman - are black, and 10 - six men and four women - are white.

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Bill Cosby, 79, is accused of luring ex-Temple University staffer Andrea Constand, 44, to his Elkins Park, Pa., mansion in 2004 under the false pretense of mentorship. Constand said she went to his home seeking career advice.

Prosecutors say Cosby gave her three blue pills and wine to help her "relax", then sexually assaulted her on a couch as her vision blurred, her legs turned "rubbery" and she began fading "in and out".

Cosby said in a radio interview last week he will not testify in his own defense.

Her claims fueled the only criminal case against him, but mirror those of dozens of other women who have come forward alleging that in years past they, too, were drugged and molested by the celebrity once known as "America's Dad".

Cosby was arrested December 30, 2015, days before the 12-year statute of limitations expired.

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