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Design and Performance Perfected: NVIDIA Introduces Max-Q for Gaming Laptops

30 May 2017

Nvidia also claims that the new design approach means the upcoming gaming laptops will sport 18mm thickness about as thin as a MacBook Air. The design of the rocket is precision-engineered around Max-Q. The company claims that Max-Q combines a new way of operating the GPU at peak efficiency, with optimisations such as a low voltage optimised clock curve that wrings out gaming performance while reducing power. They're not necessarily looking for laptops which are 15mm thick, 5lbs in weight, with a GTX 1080 GPU at their hearts to carry the Max-Q branding, but are instead focusing more on the actual acoustic design. However, NVIDIA is now breaking the stereotype and introducing "lighter, thinner yet more powerful gaming notebooks".

Thanks to Max-Q technology, high-performance gaming laptops would be as thin as a MacBook Air with up to 70 percent more gaming performance than what is now available.

Powerful GPUs at Max Efficiency: Based on the NVIDIA Pascal GPU architecture, GeForce® GTX 1080 is manufactured on the leading-edge FinFET 16nm process, and features cutting-edge GDDR5X memory. Max-Q designed laptops will support the entire GeForce gaming platform, which includes Game Ready drivers, Nvidia G-Sync display technology, VR, 4K gaming and so on.

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The first Max-Q gaming laptops will be available to buy from 27 June, and will come Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1080, GTX 1070 or GTX 1060 graphics cards.

Nvidia's Game Ready drivers will also help make sure the GPUs are delivering optimal efficiency while providing stunning graphics. New advanced thermal solutions, along with regulator efficiency, enable higher performance and quieter operations in thin gaming laptops than in anything else now available.

Taking centre stage, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang announced a new initiative called GeForce GTX with Max-Q Design at Computex, a computer expo held annually in Taipei, Taiwan.

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Nvidia further told that Max-Q technology is aimed to maximum efficiency plus maximum performance.

Nvidia mentioned that gaming laptop community will no longer need to wait for gaming laptops. As per the company, WhisperMode will be available soon through a GeForce Experience software update. "The only difference is the PC market is growing much faster".

The chart potentially plots the significance of Max-Q technology.

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There are two key physical metrics laptop manufacturers will have to meet in order to be classified as a Max-Q laptop.

Design and Performance Perfected: NVIDIA Introduces Max-Q for Gaming Laptops