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Ramadan 2017 to begin on Saturday, May 27

28 May 2017

Ramadan is sacred to Muslims because tradition says the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed during that month.

This is unprecedented, as a lunar month can only be 29 or 30 days, and according to the Saudi Umm al-Qura calendar cited by the court, Thursday was the 29th of Shaban, the last lunar month before Ramadan.

The fast of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam.

Ramadan is observed during the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, a lunar calendar where every new moon is the beginning of a new month.

If the crescent of the moon does is not seen the current month will go on for 30 days.

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In the Islamic world, the end and start of the month are assumed by the crescent of the new moon at Mecca, In Saudi Arabia.

By fasting over an extended period of time, practicing Muslims aim to foster certain attitudes and values that they would be able to cultivate over the course of an entire year. It allows us to be productive instead of spending time thinking about grievances that make us angry and depressed. "We try to listen to only Arabic television in Ramadan", said Abisse. Many teachers and classmates do not understand why Muslims fast.

According to most interpreters of the Quran, children, the elderly, the ill, pregnant women, women who are nursing or menstruating, and travelers are exempt from fasting.

A formal announcement when Ramadan - the holy month of fasting, will begin this year will follow soon.

Shorter school days will also take effect on Sunday. Muhammad is from Malaysia, a Muslim majority country.

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Manonggiring said the Ramadan is also the time for Muslim bandits to reflect on their actuations.

During this holy month, one of the hardest things that I often hear my Muslim students complain about is the lack of space and lack of understanding. Many spend more time at mosques during Ramadan and use their downtime to recite the Qur'an.

"I do respect that fact she fasts and works while fasting", he said. My father told me that my memory and intellect would increase if I fasted.

Since 1999, Republican and Democratic secretaries of state have hosted either an Iftar dinner at the State Department to break the day's fast during Ramzan or a reception marking the Eid al-Fitr holiday at the end of the month, Reuters reported. Generally, people spend a larger part of the day in prayer and recitation of the Qur'an for the purification of the soul. But then I read what Trump said in a meeting with the Emir of Qatar before the speech: "One of the things we will discuss is the purchase of lots of handsome military equipment because nobody makes it like the United States".

This year, the State Department's Office of Religion and Global Affairs requested Tillerson host an Eid al-Fitr reception thinking it could be easier on his schedule. Families usually spend the day visiting other families and friends.

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