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Capcom Bringing Monster Hunter to Nintendo Switch

28 May 2017

After a brief announcement from Capcom that Monster Hunter XX would be making its way to the Nintendo Switch, the company has now followed up with a trailer for the Japanese version of the game. The game is an expansion to Monster Hunter X, known better in the States as Monster Hunter Generations, released originally on Nintendo 3DS.

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Fully titled Monster Hunter XX for Switch Ver., this new edition is awaited on August 25th in Japan. There'll be a Monster Hunter event in Sapporo, Japan this Saturday, so we should know more by the weekend. However, many gaming news outlets treat an American release as a foregone conclusion, which is understandable given Monster Hunter's popularity. He also appeared to imply that part of Capcom's strategy with the new hybrid system will be shaped by how well Ultra Street Fighter II performs in the months and weeks ahead. There's been no word on whether or not Capcom plans to localize the 3DS version for other regions, which makes determining whether or not this Switch version will launch in the United States a little tricky. The game is visually stunning and its extraordinary flexibility gives players the elbow room to switch between the high definition version and the original arcade graphics. Monster Hunter XX, which released in Japan in March, has yet to arrive in the West, notes The Verge.

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How many times has "Street Fighter 2" been ported, improved, revamped and re-released over the years?

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Look out to see if Monster Hunter makes the cut. It also reported that the games would have local multiplayer - in case you still have bad memories of online randoms rage-quitting Akantor hunts as soon as the first player faints. There was nothing much informed on the official website where the news about the release was done. There were also 2.76 million copies of the Switch's flagship launch title The Return of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sold.

Capcom Bringing Monster Hunter to Nintendo Switch