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Trump, family make private visit to Western Wall

26 May 2017

During Trump's press conference with Abbas in Bethlehem, the PA leader reiterated the long-held Palestinian position that peace with Israel is conditioned on the creation of a Palestinian state within the pre-1967 lines, with its capital in eastern Jerusalem.

USA president Donald Trump flew out of Israel on Tuesday declaring that the United States believes that both Israel and the Palestinians, backed by moderate Sunni states, want to achieve peace.

Trump also mentioned his talk with Abbas, telling the audience, "They [Palestinians] are ready to reach for peace".

He also sounded a pessimistic note about chance for a Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, which Trump is attempting to broker.

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Speaking before Trump, Abbas said that the Palestinians "fundamental problem is with occupation and settlements and the failure of Israel to recognise the state of Palestine as we recognise it".

PRESIDENT Donald Trump called for peace between Israel and Palestine, and asked both sides to put aside the "pain and disagreements of the past".

In Gaza, a coastal territory around 60 km west of the West Bank that is under a land and sea blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt, demonstrations were expected later today, following protests yesterday, to oppose Mr Trump's visit to the region.

Trump specifically raised the issue of the Palestinian Authority subsidizing the families of Palestinians who were killed attacking Israelis or who are in jail because they attacked Israelis. The president was in Rome on Tuesday for a meeting with Pope Francis. Further, the U.S. leader did not bring up the issue of sovereignty over the city of Jerusalem, which both Israel and the Palestinians claim as their capital.

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The US president met with Abbas in the biblical city of Bethlehem, which serves as a visual relic of the complexities of the region's conflict. No matter what he does the mainstream media will not report the significance of this trip and his attempt to bring peace to the Middle East.

The entire Western Wall plaza was closed off, with the area in front of the wall covered by cloths to allow the First Family to enjoy a private visit, except for the pool television cameras.

"The United States is firmly committed to keep Iran from developing a nuclear weapon and halting their support of terrorists and militias", Trump added.

The prime minister leapt to his feet when the president said his administration "will always stand with Israel". Trump steered through the complex political terrain of the Middle East and strengthened alliances by repeating simple messages.

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