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Kim Jong-un Approves Mass Production of Successfully Launched Ballistic Missile

26 May 2017

It has conducted dozens of missile launches and two nuclear bomb tests since the start of a year ago.

The UN Security Council has hastily scheduled a closed-door meeting on Tuesday to discuss North Korea's latest flouting of the global community's will. It says the programme is necessary to counter USA aggression.

"The global agreements on sanctions against North Korea are outlined in the sanctions by the UN Security Council".

South Korea's military said an unidentified object that flew across the border from rival North Korea and prompted the South to respond with warning shots on Tuesday was probably a balloon carrying Pyongyang's propaganda leaflets.

After North Korea conducted a nuclear test in September previous year, the government widened the criteria for those who are targeted with re-entry bans and asset freezes in December.

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He further explained that Moon's government shows readiness to face squarely problems that hinder China-South Korea relations, rather than keep away from them; to understand China's concerns in protecting its legitimate interests; and to make active efforts to solve the issue concerning the U.S. Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense system.

The North has made no secret of its plans to develop a missile capable of striking the United States and has ignored calls to halt its weapons programs, even from China.

The 1994 energy-for-weapons agreement worked until the 9/11 terrorist attacks, after which U.S. President George W. Bush claimed that North Korea was part of a so-called axis of evil with Iraq and Iran.

Washington had been signaling for a more engaging attitude toward Pyongyang, saying it will keep the door open to dialogue with North Korea on the condition the regime will change its behaviors.

South Korea and the USA will find it harder to detect solid-fuel missile launches in advance by reconnaissance satellites because launch preparation is much shorter than for liquid fuel. Some of them believe that it could develop a nuclear-tipped missile that could strike the USA mainland by 2030 or later.

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North Korea said that launch tested the capability to carry a "large-size heavy nuclear warhead" and put the USA mainland within "sighting range".

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un waves during a military parade to celebrate the 105th birth anniversary of Kim Il Sung in Pyongyang, North Korea on Saturday, April 15, 2017.

Relations between the Koreas are in one of their lowest ebbs now mainly due to North Korea's nuclear and missile programs. "He also said the situation had become overheated, and had suggested the importance of an intermediary".

North Korea denied any involvement and accused the South of "fabricating" evidence.

After the second missile launch in less than a week, KCNA reported: "Saying with pride that the missile's rate of hits is very accurate and Pukguksong-2 is a successful strategic weapon, [Kim Jong-un] approved the deployment of this weapon system for action".

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The solid-fuel missile "can launch on perhaps five minutes' notice compared to the 30 to 60 minutes required for a Rodong", said aerospace engineer John Schilling in February.