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Game Changers a hit or miss — Survivor

25 May 2017

In the two-minute preview, Probst explains via narration that the three tribes will be divided "based on the positive traits most often associated with them by others".

"This is something we've never talked about, but it's a flawless time". But there was one twist left: Host Jeff Probst unveiled a new final Tribal Council format. I'm going to keep Tai and get rid of Sarah.' We would have had a tie. This is what would happen in a future season.

Troy "Troyzan" Robertson is one of six castaways still in the running for Survivor: Game Changers' million-dollar grand prize heading into its finale episode.

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Lacina, a 33-year-old police officer from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was voted the victor by the jury over runner-up Brad Culpepper and third place finisher Troyzan Robertson.

With the two-hour finale Wednesday night at 8 p.m. and the following one-hour reunion, 24 Hours wanted to explore some of the best and most controversial moments of a topsy-turvy season because, while it may not have been must-see TV, Survivor did deliver some jaw-dropping scenes - especially during its first few weeks.

Despite Brad's impressive winning streak, he failed to impress the members of the jury because his social and strategic skills were questionable.

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Troyzan has had a quiet edit so far onSurvivor: Game Changers; however, he has won Individual Immunity and found at least one hidden Immunity Idol.

Sarah, who also competed in season 28 of the show, made it far.

Despite it all, real-life cop Sarah, who admittedly "played like a criminal", had a stellar run this season, managing to backstab the best of the best.

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Game Changers a hit or miss — Survivor