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Amber Portwood's fiance says he doesn't want to marry her

25 May 2017

As for how much Portwood's eight-year-old daughter Leah would know should the couple decide to film a sex tape and make it public, Amber said that she wouldn't speak to the youngster about it until she was old enough. I'm not gonna let her brother dictate my life.

"I'm just gonna tell him that we're friends". Matt said he "got caught up in the moment", while Amber revealed she didn't know why she was fearful of the commitment (but it had "nothing to do" with him). As for Matt Baier, he added that his fiancée would be forced to stop taking her medication right away, which wouldn't be a good thing for her mental health.

In summary, for those of you (i.e. Matt Baier) eagerly awaiting an Amber Portwood and Matt Baier p0rn video, do not get your hopes up because not only is it not going to happen, but I don't think it was ever even seriously discussed.

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According to the insider, Portwood, 27, and Baier, 46, were offered $100,000 upfront to do the deed on camera, and extended a lucrative royalty deal.

In a statement to Us Weekly, Abraham, who has been publicly feuding with Portwood and Baier, used the possible sex tape as more cannon fodder.

Although that's one problem out of the way, Portwood continues to face challenges when the threat of the engagement falling apart became all too real when Baier told the producers that he was done with her and their engagement.

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Facebook/teenmomPromotional picture for the series "Teen Mom".

The couple is set to get married in October. "They've gone through lots of ups and downs". Matt confirmed that he did, in fact, take the lie detector in an interview with The Dirty, though he claimed he passed "with flying colors".

It was pretty obvious that she had some major cold feet.

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Producers of "Teen Mom" were anxious that this might have been the end of the relationship but a recent episode revealed that Baier actually approached Portwood and told her that he doesn't plan on going anywhere despite what happened in Las Vegas.

Amber Portwood's fiance says he doesn't want to marry her