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US Congressmen want Trump impeached for 'obstruction of justice'

21 May 2017

Green, who represents the 9th Congressional District of Texas, claimed history would vindicate his call to impeach President Trump after a memo from former FBI Director James Comey raised questions about whether the president was interfering with the Russian Federation investigation.

Democratic House members Adam Schiff of California, second from right, accompanied by Elijah Cummings of Maryland, left, Eric Swalwell of California and Joe Crowley of NY, talks about recent revelations about President Donald Trump on Wednesday. I do this because I believe in the great ideals that this country stands for. "I will just say I understand the calls for impeachment, but what I am being cautious about and what I give you food for thought about is that if President Trump is impeached, the problems don't go away, because then you have a Vice President Pence who becomes President Pence".

King said, "I have real questions here". Republican Richard Nixon was accused of obstruction of justice in 1974 in the wake of the Watergate scandal. "We need to get to the facts, and let the facts lead where they may".

According to the USA constitution, the president in office can be impeached for treason, bribery or other misdemeanours. Never before in U.S. history has a special prosecutor been named to investigate a president less than 120 days into his administration while talk of impeachment is heard on the floor and in the halls of the U.S. Capitol and throughout D.C.

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Throughout the day, many Democrats urged caution before calling for Trump's potential ouster, instead saying the focus should remain on getting all the information for now. Seven, including both impeached presidents, were acquitted.

The Congressman said that his call for impeachment is a position of conscience for him and asked the American people to speak up. The Republican Party is anxious and there are talks that things should not be allowed to go too far.

Trump is under fire amid allegations he tried to persuade former FBI chief James Comey to drop an investigation of Michael Flynn, who briefly served as Trump's national-security adviser before departing in mid-February. Comey declined, instead telling the president he would always be "honest".

Even if his all-Republican cabinet pulls that off, a two-thirds vote by Congress would still be needed to confirm the cabinet's judgment. Carlos Curbelo of Florida, who is in a swing district, and Justin Amash of MI - talked openly about the possibility of bringing charges against Trump. And we are also responding to recent indications that President Trump has interfered with a criminal investigation in an effort to obstruct justice.

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The current conversation around impeachment has raised the odds that Trump will be impeached on prediction markets, where users bet on different outcomes.

Walking away, he smiled and added: "I think sometimes it's just good to go home, get a little rest and then come back".

In all, the question of whether Trump will make an early exit has drawn more than US$270,000 (S$375,246) in wagers, while a related question on whether Mr Trump will leave in 2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020 or later has garnered more than US$480,000. "That's all they have been trying to harp on over and over again ― 'Democrats are sore losers, they want to nullify the results of the election, they want to impeach this president.' That's what they are using to motivate their base".

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US Congressmen want Trump impeached for 'obstruction of justice'