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Colorado Lawmakers React To New Health Care Bill

21 May 2017

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price on Sunday defended cutting almost a trillion dollars from Medicaid in the GOP-backed health-care plan as being necessary to fix a "fundamentally flawed" system - and give people the coverage they need.

"President Trump promised not to touch Medicaid or Medicare and has betrayed those promises by supporting this bill".

There's lots to be troubled about in this bill, not the least of which is its passage without scoring by the Congressional Budget Office.

Over time, the GOP bill would limit the federal contribution to Medicaid, while shifting control of the program to states.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch of Utah says senators must focus "on the art of the doable".

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"When the House passes a bill, rushes it through before they know what the CBO score is, it tells you it is not about health care". "The Senate is starting from scratch. I'm not real excited about that".

"NFU's priority for any bill is that it offers coverage for more people rather than fewer".

"There are no cuts to the Medicaid programme", Mr Price insisted on Sunday, adding that resources were being doled out to allow states greater flexibility.

"We have an opportunity to take down the person who was the author of Trumpcare 2.0", said Democrat Andrew Kim, an Obama White House national security adviser, who said he was now more likely to challenge MacArthur next year.

During the exchange, Stephanopoulos charged that the legislation, the American Health Care Act, will hurt millions of Americans, especially the vulnerable with pre-existing conditions. The key of having a continuous coverage provision is to make sure that people stay covered and they move from one plan to the next if they want to. It would transform Obama's subsidies for millions buying insurance, now based largely on their incomes, making the funding skimpier and tying it to consumers' ages. "Make no mistake about this", said President Donald Trump.

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Even though the US Senate still has to act, Republicans now largely own a measure that would curtail, and in some cases take away completely, benefits Americans have embraced after seven years.

Obamacare could remain "the law of the land" for years, even though President Trump has already declared it dead on Twitter. According to Collins, the bill, which is part of the GOP effort to repeal Obamacare, would undergo major surgery.

"This is one stage in a multistage legislative process", he said.

"How do we think that the mentally ill have the ability to pay the deductible on an insurance policy that they have that they can buy for $3,000?" he said.

"The Senate will complete the job". Collins and Ryan appeared on ABC's "This Week" and Mulvaney appeared on CBS' "Face the Nation".

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Colorado Lawmakers React To New Health Care Bill