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Android Pay to expand to new markets, add improved loyalty card features

21 May 2017

These upgrades include a more responsive Google Assistant, hands-free calling, additional music and video streaming choices, multiple device control, and a greater integration of Google Home with the user's TV.

Take a look at the Find My Device feature at Store the Google Play Store.

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Google claims the feature will be smart enough so that you could auto-share only specific photos - say, of your kids - to your partner or a friend.

While I was using the app and service directory (or as Google probably calls it, "Explore"), the thought occurred to me: why don't all voice assistants have this feature? Merchants can also get paid through Assistant this way - in Google's demo at I/O they ordered delivery from Panera using the Assistant.

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Google's new Google Assistant app will surely make changes to the users' minds as we can see a number of impressive features on this app which are not available on the Siri app of the existing iPhone users. This is different to Android Pay because it's not platform-specific - you can likely use it on iOS in addition to Android - and is not tied into Android Pay, so it can be used in all countries Google operates. You can ask the app anything from weather to Cricket score and other useful data which you want to ask to a person. Samsung devices only capture a small percent of the Android market so it makes more sense to choose Android Pay. Yesterday at I/O we took another step and introduced Google Play Protect, an always-on set of security services that are created to provide more peace of mind to IT managers, employees and all users.

In the upcoming months, we'll also enable people in the send or receive payments via the Google Assistant. Google has also said that it will be looking at lowering the required minimum software version to Android 5.0 (Lollipop). Nobody quite matches the innovation standards of the search engine giant Google and that's the reason probably why Google is Google!

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