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Union: Up to 40K walking off the job at AT&T this weekend

20 May 2017

AT&T, meanwhile, said it was prepared for the strike, and defended its negotiating position thus far. "But to make sure I can give my kids the future they deserve, we must take a stand against any and all attempts to skimp on good jobs and financial security", said Mark Bautista, an AT&T wireline worker from El Sobrante, California. "We're confident employees will be better off financially in their new contract", he said.

Donald Trump, who at the time was on the campaign trail, tweeted: "Terrible jobs report just reported". Only 38,000 jobs added. They're outsourcing call centers, shipping them overseas, paying $2 or $3 an hour.

Dara Kheang says that since he started as a sales associate at AT&T's Portland store 9 years ago, his effective pay has dropped by more than $5,000. The Communications Workers of America labor union, which represents the work, has given AT&T until this afternoon to reach a deal. AT&T said the stoppage is slated to end at midnight Sunday.

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SOME 40,000 AT&T workers are gearing up for a possible strike across 36 states as early as Friday, May 19. "This is a warning to AT&T: there's only one way out of this now-a fair contract-and we'll settle for nothing less".

Locally, workers have posted reminders about the planned walkout on message boards and social media asking customers to show their support by not shopping at AT&T stores. "Eastern Time on Friday workers will be off the job and onto picket lines across the country". But under the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947, sitting US presidents can unilaterally intervene in strikes or even potential strikes that they claim could create a "national emergency" and order workers to end their walkouts and return to work.

With over 200,000 employees in the U.S, AT&T is the country's largest telecom company. That would be, in words of our president: Sad!

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One of Trump's main campaign promises was to bring back jobs.

At stake is a battle over the quality of union jobs at AT&T.

AT&T is the single largest telecom corporation in the US, listing $164 billon in sales and 135 million wireless customers.

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Union: Up to 40K walking off the job at AT&T this weekend