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Trump told Russians pressure off after firing 'nutjob' Comey

20 May 2017

Comey confirmed the existence of the investigation in March, telling Congress that his agents were investigating Russian efforts to influence the outcome of the election and whether anyone in the Trump campaign had been involved.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was returning to the Capitol on Friday for another closed-door session, this time with all members of the House.

But Rosenstein added: "I wrote it".

"I faced great pressure because of Russian Federation".

Cummings said the committee's GOP chairman, Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, "should ... have his subpoena pen ready" to obtain any White House documents related to Trump's meeting with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador. Those issues were not resolved with his speech to members of the House on Friday. The paper reported the federal probe into possible collusion between Trump's campaign team and Russian Federation has identified a current White House official as a significant "person of interest". A memo by fired FBI Director Comey alleged Trump even asked that the probe into Flynn be shut down.

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According to Rosenstein's prepared remarks for his closed-door briefing before members of the House of Representatives and Senates, the future deputy attorney general writes that "in one of my first meetings with then-Senator Jeff Sessions last winter, we discussed the need for new leadership at the Federal Bureau of Investigation".

Public approval of Trump has dropped to its lowest level since his inauguration, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Friday.

Former FBI director James Comey, who was sacked by Donald Trump amid an agency probe into alleged Russian meddling in the U.S. election, has agreed to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee at a public hearing.

"The committee looks forward to receiving testimony from the former director on his role in the development of the intelligence community assessment on Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections, and I am hopeful that he will clarify for the American people recent events that have been broadly reported in the media", Burr said in a statement.

The White House repeated its assertion that a "thorough investigation will confirm that there was no collusion between the campaign and any foreign entity". The FBI's investigation has progressed in recent weeks, and McClatchy reported on Friday that Congress was told it now included whether any Trump officials engaged in a cover-up.

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On a day the administration hoped that Trump could leave scandalous allegations at home as he began his first trip overseas as president, the development was unwelcome at the White House.

"The US remains completely engulfed in the Trump Comey storyline, and the (dollar) will continue to be unalluring until further clarity is forthcoming on the special investigation", Stephen Innes, senior trader at OANDA, said in a note. And it spun Trump's words as a "request", when Trump had, in fact, merely said: "I hope you can let this go".

The appointment has drawn generally favourable comments from Democrats and from some Republicans as well.

She said subjects of the investigation could later argue that its results cannot be trusted, but she believes the argument would not stand up in court. However, at a combative news conference Thursday, he fell short in trying to resolve questions about investigations into his campaign and his first four months in office. Sessions has recused himself from the Trump-Russia probe, citing his close involvement in the Trump campaign a year ago.

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