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Brazil's top prosecutor accuses President Temer of corruption, obstruction

20 May 2017

Brazil's political crisis deepened sharply on Thursday with corruption allegations th. On Thursday afternoon, the paper's website posted an audiotape that purports to be of Temer discussing the alleged payoff. "It is necessary that Brazil find a way through direct election", one protester, Thiago Pereira, told RT's Ruptly video news agency. It has been sharply criticized by those leading Brazil's crackdown on corruption. He is believed to have provided the tape implicating Temer to prosecutors last March. Calls for his resignation intensified, including an editorial in the O Globo newspaper, which is normally criticized by leftists for backing conservative politicians. In addition, many lawmakers themselves are running scared from the corruption scandal - a third of senators are under investigation in the "Car Wash" probe - and will now look out for their own survival.

Brazil's top court released plea-bargain testimony on Friday accusing President Michel Temer and his two predecessors of receiving millions of dollars in bribes, the most damaging development yet in a historic political corruption probe.

In the documents released on Friday, Mr Batista also said his company paid Mr Temer about 1.5 million dollars from 2010 to 2017. The company generally wields enormous influence among Brazilians because of its popular soap operas and media dominance.

Temer is facing calls to resign after a secret recording was made public in which a JBS executive appears to get approval from Temer to pay hush money to the former speaker of the lower house.

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Janot accused Temer and Sen.

Investigators have uncovered a massive scheme in which politicians took bribes in exchange for getting big businesses over-inflated contracts with state oil company Petrobras.

With a formal investigation now opened, Mr Janot's next step will be to decide whether his case is strong enough to send it to the lower Chamber of Deputies in Congress.

Fidelity's Anna Stupnytksa, who is global economist at the group, said there is now a likelihood Temer would be forced to leave office and create further uncertainty in the markets.

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Opponents piled on the pressure, with eight impeachment requests filed in Congress.

The new scandal seems unlikely to lead to Temer's resignation, since leaving office would increase his exposure to potential prosecution on obstruction of justice charges. In that sense and in dialogue with Red Brasil Actual, the former president of the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) Roberto Amaral stressed that "from the moment that Temer became expendable he was destroyed.' The same forces led by Globo system and the articulation between the Judiciary and the Public Prosecutor that overthrew President Dilma now make Temer's requiem, he said". On Friday, his administration remained mostly mum, though it did begin questioning both the legality and content of the recording.

Temer, who was the country's vice president before taking office nearly exactly one year ago, came to his post in the midst of a political scandal involving his predecessor, President Dilma Rousseff.

Batista's meat company, JBS, reportedly made a small fortune in the past 24 hours after having bought USA dollars before Batista's bombshell plea bargain went public. They came courtesy of Batista's plea bargain deal to reduce his own sentence in Car Wash.

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During his one year in power, he has brushed aside his unpopularity as an unelected president, relying on solid support in Congress from a broad center-right coalition.

Brazil's top prosecutor accuses President Temer of corruption, obstruction