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What it means for you

19 May 2017

You can also see how many advertisers have selected you as part of a particular audience (1,090, in my case) and request a list of those advertisers.

"We do not store webpage visit data for users who are in the European Union and EFTA states", Twitter confirmed. Here, you can see additional check boxes regarding personalization of ads based on your information. "The micro-blogging giant has also chosen to start tracking what apps are sitting alongside Twitter on users' phones, their locations and what websites they've visited".

To see which interests Twitter thinks you have, go to Settings - "Your Twitter data".

As Marketing Land highlights, Twitter's updated privacy policy regarding data collected away from Twitter now lets it collect, store and use such information for a period of up to 30 days versus the previous 10-day window.

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Twitter's personalization and data settings. If you like, you can leave them all active, which is the default, or you can uncheck every box and turn it all off.

'If you have the "Track where you see Twitter content across the web" setting enabled in your "Personalisation and data" settings, we may consider your visits to other websites that integrate Twitter content (such as embedded timelines),' it said.

Back in 2012, Twitter chose to honor Do Not Track, which is basically an honor system for web tracking.

Also of note is the fact that, despite making a big deal about it years ago, Twitter will no longer support the Do Not Track browser setting moving forward.

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It's no surprise-DNT has turned out to be a silly system and an unrealistic idea. This technology allows users to opt-out from being tracked by third-party services on websites they do not directly visit.

Additionally, Twitter is adding a new Personalisation and Data setting that will offer more granular control to users over how it uses the data.

While you're at it, you might as well dump "Share data through select partnerships" too. This "non-personal, aggregated, or device-level information" again does not include the user's name, contact details or Twitter handle. "Partners have agreed not to link your name, email, or phone number to data shared through these partnerships without first getting your consent".

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What it means for you